The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 9: A "Little" Avant Garde

1. The episode started out with Claire still being completely clueless as to why Michael stormed off stage.

2. Mejores amigos para siempre! Margarita came to Michael’s defense and also spoke her piece to Tim.

3. But Heidi’s patience was wearing thin.

4. And Batani cracked.

5. Lightbulb! Claire finally got it.

6. So Kenya just kept it real.

7. Heidi called a spade a spade.

8. Putting the drama behind them, Batani got the auf.

9. Sike! Claire confronted Michael in the lounge.

10. But then Tim confronted Claire about her secret measuring tape! And she turned into a robot.

11. Claire’s confession led to not only her win being rescinded, but to her disqualification.

12. In other news, since Dixie couldn’t use Claire’s print anymore, they chose to recreate Brandon’s. And he did a little happy dance. (GUYS, HE’S REALLY OPENING UP!)

13. Moving on… For the next challenge, the designers were tasked to create an avant garde look inspired by Shopkins Shoppies and their super fans.

14. The workroom was a much “lighter” place since the #DesignerTwins were no longer in the competition. Kenya even broke out in song.

15. But the pressure was still on and for the first time this season, Brandon was strug-gl-ing.

16. Rim shot, Kentaro.

17. Zac equated Ayana’s ruffled, chicken wired, big bowed fashion risk to a popular nursery rhyme.

18. Michael’s melting disco ball took the (well-deserved!) win.

19. Batani got the auf… for real this time.

20. And so did Amy! Ugh – I hate the double whammy.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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