The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 8: Client on the Go

1. The episode picked up with the #DesignerTwins going head-to-head in a one-hour challenge. Claire got straight to work.

2. Shawn struggled.

3. Big time.

4. She legit couldn’t get it together.

5. So she conceded.

6. Cue the waterworks from Claire.

7. Can we get back to fashion? Please.

8. For the next challenge, the designers are creating looks for the family and friends of the crew. Kenya and her client, Michele, had an immediate lovefest.

9. The designers also had to design a print for the look. Some got more into than others.

10. Claire felt lost without her crutch, Shawn.

11. She started making a top that resembled Margarita’s winning dress from last week. Margarita was not pleased…

12. …to the point that she started throwing mad shade at Claire.

13. Margarita let the whole situation get to her and designed a look more suitable for a dinosaur from our imagination.

14. Luckily, since she won the last challenge, Margarita had immunity.

15. During critiques, Nina and Zac were astounded that print queen Batani barely used any in her dress.

16. And in the most shocking runway ever, Claire won.

17. Michael had his own way of celebrating Claire’s win…

18. …which left the judges confused.

19. And while Michael was telling Tim that Claire’s win “lacked” fairness…

20. …Margarita didn’t rat her out to the judges.

Another cliffhanger! Tune in next week to see what happens!

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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