The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 7: The Ultimate Faceoff

1. Blasphemy! The designers were assigned what fabric they had to work with – inspired by menswear at JCPenney.

2. The kicker? They then had to pick another designer to work with who did not have the same fabric as them.

3. So naturally Kentaro picked Brandon…

4. …and Claire picked Shawn.

5. At Mood, Swatch looked super enthused about his birthday.

6. In the workroom, the #DesignerTwins are all like:

7. Just a few hours into the partnership and Claire was already trying to dodge Shawn.

8. Tim called out Ayana for going a little too emergency room-chic with her design.

9. And he stressed the heck out of the #DesignerTwins when he told them they should probably redesign their looks.

10. Which really didn’t help the tension between the two.

11. Speaking of tension, Kenya was up to here with Amy asking her opinion every two seconds.

12. Y’all – the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife.

13. Kentaro didn’t seem to let any of the drama get to him. #Werq

14. But that’s because Kentaro and Brandon are a dream team and were in the top.

15. Kentaro became a giddy schoolgirl when asked who should be the winner in this partnership.

16. Zac only had two words about Claire’s t-shirt:

17. The twins got oddly competitive when Heidi asked if they lost, who should go home.

18. Margarita started from the bottom now she’s here – as the winner of this challenge.

19. The judges couldn’t choose which twin to send home, so now they have to compete against each other in a one-hour challenge. (“The Ultimate Faceoff” – get it?!)

20. Cliffhanger! Claire predicted this wasn’t going to end well for Shawn.

Tune in next week to see what happens!

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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