The Top 20 Moments from Season 16, Episode 5: Descending into Good and Evil

1. The designers met guest judges Dove Cameron and China Anne McClain at Lyndhurst Castle and Batani was a tad starstruck.

2. Michael showed his true feelings for each designer when he got to choose if they’d be designing a “good” or “evil” look.

3. It’s, like, Tim can see the future.

4. Swatch was all, “WTF just happened?” as the designers wreaked havoc through Mood.

5. Claire and Shawn were stationed on opposite sides of the workroom — the most they’ve ever been apart since the womb.

6. Kentaro and Brandon’s bromance continued.

7. Look at this design. Isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think Claire’s look is complete?

8. Margarita needed a margarita.

9. How can you resist this face, Tim? You can have whatever you want, Kentaro.

10. When fabric is also used as a leash.

11. On the runway, Aaron’s model kept her cool while experiencing a wardrobe malfunction.

12. In most cases, a straightjacket would be considered a bad thing, but not when it came to Brandon’s look.

13. Zac Posen: “Project Runway’s” fairy godmother.

14. Heidi only had this to say about Michael’s evil look:

15. But she was left speechless over Aaron’s “good” outfit.

16. Luckily, Nina had her back.

17. Totally, gnarly vernacular, Tim.

18. Brandon won, leaving China and Dove totally smitten.

19. Bottom three Claire will not grovel.

20. Ousted Aaron promised he has more “cool ideas” up his see-through shorts.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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