The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 4: We're Sleeping Wear?

1. Heidi walked onto the runway wearing a backpack and the designers thought they were traveling somewhere fabulous.

2. Instead, they find out that for this challenge they’re creating a fashionable look for Heidi’s Intimates sleepwear line and also have to create their own textile. Samantha was PUMPED.

3. Making this challenge even sweeter, they have to draw inspiration from the Empire State Building – where they’ll have a sleepover.

4. The idea made the #DesignerTwins quite queasy.

5. As the winner of the previous challenge, Brandon got the golden ticket key to the Empire State Building.

6. Shawn and Claire were basically scared for their lives while taking the elevator to the top floor.

7. Margarita created her textile with a potato, further proving that the only thing you can’t do with a potato is eat it raw.

8. Being a perfectionist is hard, yo. Just ask Kentaro.

9. During her critique, Heidi only had this to say to the extremely collaborative #DesignerTwins:

10. And then did her best impression of struggling to pee in the middle of the night.

11. Heidi was feeling modest designer Ayana’s see-through sleepwear.

12. Tim called Margarita’s textile a “menstrual cycle,” so she kissed Aunt Flo goodbye.

13. And he preached the old adage about sitting on coal to “anal” Kentaro:

14. The next day, Kentaro still couldn’t see past being called “anal.”

15. During the judges’ critiques, they were very distracted by the see-through shorts that Aaron was wearing.

16. Nina only had this to say about the color of Deyonté’s sleepwear:

17. Heidi was really concerned (again!) about making it to the bathroom in time if she wore Kenya’s design.

18. In a sweet moment, Kenya model, Yordanos, comforted Kenya during her not-so-great critique.

19. Michael won the challenge and did a little flutter as he exited.

20. Deyonté was aufed and sang his own end theme.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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