The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 3: A Leap of Innovation!

1. The episode started out with Tim and Heidi busting a move.

2. I repeat – the episode began with Tim Gunn dancing.

3. Heidi’s Got Talent: Runway Edition.

4. Aaron Myers: Hiplet’s #1 fan.

5. But can you blame him? These women are amazing!

6. Amy was attacked by fabric at Mood.

7. Having only a half hour to shop at Mood is, like, so exhausting.

8. Back in the workroom, Brandon entered a zen-like state, which made the designers super envious.

9. Especially Kudzanai, who’s work station was right next to the ever-so-frantic #DesignerTwins.

10. Kenya: Nailing her impression of the #DesignerTwins since 2017.

11. (Squirming as I type this…) Deyonté sewed a needle right through his finger.

12. During Tim’s critique, he had this advice for Claire:

13. While critiquing Aaron, Tim drew inspiration from a popular Chinese appetizer:

14. A pin poked Margarita’s model and blood got on the white bodysuit. (Sensing a theme?)

15. Speaking of bad blood (had to…), Deyonté’s injury set him back and he needed a miracle.

16. With just minutes until the runway, a lightbulb went off in Kentaro’s head.

17. When the judges found out what happened to Deyonté’s finger – and subsequently his look – Heidi was at a loss for words:

18. Nina only had one word for Brandon:

19. So it should be no surprise that he won, Ayana passed on the invisible winner’s crown:

20. Kudzanai was sent home, which brought out Deyonté’s “Home Alone” impression.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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