The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 14: Finale Part 2

1. Even though the judges didn’t love his preview, Kentaro was still like, “Bring it on, Fashion Week. I’m still gonna do me.”

2. Margarita had a tough time focusing because she was (understandably) worried about her family in hurricane-bound Puerto Rico.

3. But Tim comforted her with these three words:

4. After rave reviews from the judges, Ayana felt like it was her crown to lose.

5. And Brandon slept…

6. …while his model, Liris, wondered if his collection was a winning one.

7. Tim ended his final “make it work” speech with – what else? – a group hug.

8. Then he went all “Saved by the Bell” with a cheer.

9. To say Margarita was excited to be at Fashion Week is an understatement.

10. And she got her ‘wow’ moment…

11. …which brought the judges to their feet.

12. Ayana’s not crying. You’re crying.

13. During critiques, Zac sang Ayana’s praises.

14. Heidi compared Kentaro’s collection to a rodent passing gas, in the best way possible.

15. As for Brandon’s collection, guest judge Jessica Alba had only two words:


16. Margarita came in fourth.

17. Brandon came in third.

18. Ayana was the runner-up.

19. And your Season 16 winner: Kentaro!

20. Not to upstage his son, but Kentaro’s dad made his Runway debut a memorable one.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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