The Top 20 Moments From Season 16, Episode 13: Finale Part 1

1. Before sending the designers home, Heidi dropped the bomb that only three out of the five remaining designers will make it to New York Fashion Week.

2. The pressure was on to impress the judges and make their jaws drop, as illustrated by Heidi:

3. Tim’s first home visit was to see Ayana in Utah, and they took a romantic stroll through the park.

4. Tim’s advice to Ayana?

5. He then went to see Kenya in Atlanta, where the struggle was real.

6. And save her he did… by criticizing her palette.

7. In New York City, Kentaro’s collection sent Tim into a tailspin.

8. But I guess that’s what happens when a collection is inspired by this:

9. During his visit to Puerto Rico, Tim was horrified by Margarita’s use of gold rings in her collection.

10. And during his trip to San Francisco, he third wheeled with Brandon and his girlfriend, Dina.

11. Back in the workroom, Tim felt as if the designers took a “doom and gloom pill.” Nothing a hug can’t solve.

12. The “brothers” created their own version of the Bat-Signal.

13. Despite being so hard on herself, Zac had a positive response to Ayana’s looks.

14. And no shock, Nina fangirled over Brandon’s designs.

15. But she was slightly confused by Kentaro non-cohesive looks.

16. In the end, Brandon got to move on to Fashion Week.

17. As did Ayana…

18. And Margarita…

19. And Kentaro.

20. But it was the end of the road for Kenya.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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