The Top 20 Moments from Season 16, Episode 1: One Size Does Not Fit All

1. We met the #DesignerTwins.

2. And they sized up the competition.

3. …sometimes with flattery.

4. But then the ray of light that is ChaCha came into the room and all was good in the world.

5. The designers had a religious moment when they met Heidi and Tim for the first time.

6. While explaining this season’s twist, Heidi sassed the designers.

7. And some designers were all like, “Bring it on!”

8. While others needed a drink.

9. We were introduced to the Model Mirror. Looking good, ladies!

10. ChaCha called his model “fat.”

11. But Ayana said it best: “A plus-sized model is not seen as a problem-sized model.”

12. In the workroom, Tim called Brandon’s look #basic.

13. The designers picked up on Shawn and Claire’s precise way of speaking.

14. During critiques, Nina didn’t hold back when evaluating Shawn’s Billboard Music Awards-inspired outfit.

15. Shawn’s response triggered emotions from Zac.

16. Heidi compared ChaCha’s dress to an ’80s hair accessory.

17. Menswear designer Brandon got praise from the judges and (gasp!) smiled!

18.CIA agent Heidi uncovered what Batani was really hiding with the appliqué.

19. Deyonté won the first challenge and did an awkward celebratory jump.

20. ChaCha got the auf.

Want more? Watch the full episode here and listen to the official recap podcast here.

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