Season 15, Episode 9 Recap: Mommy Makeover

Right after Cornelius’ elimination last episode Tim granted him the “Tim Gunn Save.” I am so relieved and happy Corney gets a second chance. If only they had the Tim Gunn Save for the presidential election. (I miss Hillary.)

Tim introduces Barbara Shipley of AARP to the designers, who then introduces the next challenge, which is a makeover! She brings in members of their families for the designers to create a new look for their client’s next chapter in their life. Both the winning designer and client get 25K EACH. Gat Dam.

They have 45 minutes to consult with their clients for this two-day challenge

I love that Nathalia thinks Jesus was “resuscitated” and not resurrected. I wonder who gave him CPR. Peter? James? John?
The work day flies by and everyone seems to be in a good place no one is freaking out…yet.

Critique time with Tim:

Corney – He wanted to make a casual/sportswear jacket and asymmetrical skirt. Tim likes it and makes him feel better about last week’s judging.

MJ – He is mixing Japanese street style and hip-hop culture to create a Kimono jacket which Tim responds well to.

Jenni – Tim says it looks “confusing,” the patterns don’t match and it is a sweatsuit. This could very much be perfect for her mom, but we saw her walk in the workroom in jeans and a shirt. If she walked in with something along the lines of an artsy free spirit, I would 100 percent get this. I think she should have made something for her current job and not busy loungewear

Laurence – Tailored leather jacket and pants. Tim is hinting to push the envelope and I agree.

Roberi – Tim questions if this is being over-designed. I mean Roberi loves to mix patterns that don’t match in the least bit so I’m curious to see what he creates for his friend

Nathalia-  She is making a wool and leather jacket with a wide leg pant and a blouse. Tim is cautious about how ambitious she is and I can see her start to panic.

Erin – Tim is worried. He said the dress looks like kids clothes and that we have seen this coat from her before…a lot. I personally think it looks like a winter coat and a summer dress so I have mixed feelings.

Dexter – Tim wants the true Dexter to shine through this manipulated/molded sweater dress. I am in love with it so far.

Rik – Tim is excited about this and has only positive things to say.

So Jenni is keeping her design the same and just concentrating on the fit. Rik is doing super cute details on his dress and jacket. Erin becomes super emotional talking about how her mom gave up fashion design to raise her and her siblings. I mean this is a great opportunity for the designers to give back to their moms not to mention receive a handsome reward.

The night is almost over and Jenni doesn’t know if the pants are going to fit her mom so she is second guessing them and contemplating making a plan B, but decides to go with her gut. I’m so stressed out because I feel like I would be in the same boat.

Runway Day
Nathalia has 75 percent of her look to still complete with 2 hours to show time and already is accepting that she will probably be in the bottom. My fingers are crossed for you, girl!

The “mom”dels arrive and Jenni puts the pants on her mom and they look WAY too big. I’m curious why she made printed sweatpants for her mom. I really don’t want her to be in trouble, but it inevitable at this point.

Cornelius hasn’t started on his blouse yet and his mom yells at him to stop complaining and get it together. That’s totally something my mom would do.

Runway Time

Roberi – I like this a lot. It is a bit 80s, but the color, textures and proportion are exciting. She looks like she’s having the best time and wearing the dress really well.

Jenni – I really dislike the print and fit of these pants. I think it looks very “tween/ juniors.”

Dexter – OBSESSED! This is really great. The color is amazing and it looks really expensive. Love the studs and styling. Top three.

Rik – I love the touches of the hand-sewn dotted line and the red leather heart, and how both of those materials are also in the jacket. She looks chic and professional. Top three.

Erin – She looks like she is wearing a snuggie over a lace tablecloth with a blue runner. I am shocked that Erin thinks this is okay. She has such a sophisticated eye for shape and color. I think this missed the mark. homegirl is in the bottom again. :(

Cornelius – I like how he put the strips of color into the print because in my opinion the print is very dull and washes her out. I do think it has a great shape and is very wearable. I would say he is safe.

Laurence – This seems like a throw away for her. There are no special details or anything. Is it nice? Yes. Am I dying over it? No. I feel like she is starting to become a one trick pony.

MJ – I like this a lot. He embodied Japanese streetwear with a hip-hop twist perfectly! She looks strong and confident.

Nathalia – Her mom should be wearing a snorkel because she is SWIMMING in these clothes. I wish everything was proportionate. It is very overwhelming and not finished. The pants are high waisted and huge. She said it before–she knows she is in trouble.

Dexter, Cornelius and Laurence are safe. (I think Dexter deserved to be in top three.)

The top three are Roberi, Rik and MJ. Based on all of their positive critiques I don’t know who they like the best. I do love the praise that MJ gets from the judges. I think this was a great boost of confidence for him. The bottom three are Erin, Nathalia and Jenni.

Rik takes the win so him and his mom collectively get 50K which is INSANE and such an amazing prize! They absoluetly do need a vacation. I’m also so happy he can repay his mom back a bit. We all know how stressful it is to owe money to someone.

My homegirl Jenni unfortunately gets the boot. She was one of my faves, so I’m really sad to see her go. I know we will see more of her in the future.

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