Season 15, Episode 8 Recap: The British Are Coming!

Tim wastes no time and gets straight down to business in this episode. The designers meet at the runway where Tim and Gregory from Sally Beauty come out to greet them. Crazy story for you guys about Gregory. When I was 19 years old in college, I worked part time at a hair salon in NYC on 14th street in between 8th and 9th Avenue where we specialized in blowouts. I worked as a front desk receptionist and Gregory was one of our stylists, so Gregory and I go way back!

Okay, so this challenge is the “Sally Beauty Pop Up Color Shop Team Challenge.” It will be three teams of three and they will be assigned a color pallet. The looks will be put on display in the windows of a SoHo store so the public get to vote on their favorite group. This counts for 20 percent of the final score.

The button bag chooses the teams, which are: Team Red Violet: Erin/Dexter/Cornelius, Team Neutral: Jenni/Nathalia/Mah-Jing, and Team Blue: Roberi/Rik/Laurence.

They get a $600 budget and 30 minutes to sketch. READY GO!

At Mood both MJ and Cornelius feel like their group members aren’t listening to their opinions. Cornelius wanted to use the same red plaid as Erin. (I don’t know why he couldn’t if the challenge is create three cohesive looks.) The fabrics should translate throughout the three looks, no? MJ wants to use denim and Jenni and Nathalia don’t think that cohesive. So between Cornelius and MJ, someone is definitely going to explode this episode. #TickingTimeBomb

During the Sally Beauty consultations, Team Red is using hair color spray, Team blue is braiding in blue hair and for team Neutral, they are defining their roots in an ombre fashion.

Cornelius and MJ are definitely becoming more visibly aggravated as the day progresses. If you want to be the winning team you have to constantly be communicating and raising each other up, not push each other down because when the time comes to stand in front of the judges, the truth will come out, aka “T” will be spilled.

Critique time with Tim is happening the day of the pop up shop so this can potentially be a disaster if they need to drastically change their looks.

Team Blue – They get the critique that they need–more “design” in the basic pieces and that “right now it’s not a strong collection.”

Team Red – Tim really likes these pieces and encourages the designers to mix the pieces around as Cornelius had suggested. They seem to be working fine together now? Who knows? I personally think it looks like the British are coming!

Team Neutral – Tim says that “it’s looking so basic.” Something needs to happen. I personally don’t like the combo of the rust color with the nude. It looks very retro 70s, and not in a good way.

So two out of the three teams are sent into a frenzy for the next six hours. This is when they all decide to communicate with each other.

Why are the designers (Dexter and Erin) taking so many breaks? I didn’t even use the restroom during work time because there was so much to do. Everyone is literally at happy hour eating chips, and why was it decided that Cornelius will make Erin’s skirt? I want to walk in there with a fog horn screaming, “GET BACK TO WORK!”

During the Sally Beauty pop up shop, the designers are in a screening room watching the public vote on their looks cheering when a button is dropped into their own voting boxes.

Runway Day
Heidi announces that Team Neutral is currently in first place according to the public votes.

Red Team
Cornelius – I really like this look. It sort of gives a nod to the Scottish kilt. I think it looks expensive.

Dexter – I like this plunging military vest dress it has good proportions and fun details. I don’t get a “punk” vibe from it, though.

Erin – I really like the combo of all of the textures in the coat. I like the concept of the combo patch pocket, but I just think they might be too high. I would bring them down two inches. I love Cornelius’s skirt with this coat and the turtleneck is cute

Team Neutral
Nathalia – These pants fit her so well. I like the knee details. I think the style lines on the jacket make it look like the rust color is actually a vest, which I’m 50/50 about. Is it just me or does this model totally look like the singer from Wilson Phillips? Maybe it is a sign that Nathalia will “hold on for one more day”?

Jenni – The top has good proportions, but I’m not crazy about the popcorn detail. The pants that Nathalia made have too much fabric in them. You can probably reduce the amount of fabric in the leg by five inches and get a cleaner look.

MJ – The dress is okay. It’s probably one of the easiest things to make especially because it is not fitted and can be belted. The coat looks like it has T-Rex sleeves because her arms aren’t in them so you really can’t appreciate this coat, but I like the length of it! I personally think the turtle neck should have gone with the full pants along with the long coat. I think that would have been a dramatic look.

Team Blue



Clear winners #bye

Team Neutral is safe. (I think they should have been in the bottom.)

And here we go! Both Dexter and Erin choose Cornelius to go home for not being in their clique. I think the plaid pieces he brought into the collection made it! I mean they still look like Jem and the Holograms fighting in the Revolutionary War, but they should all take accountability for the faults.

The judges are obsessed with Team Blue. I personally love how you can mix and match all the pieces. I think that Roberi should be the winner.

Back in the lounge claws are out. Cornelius is calling Dexter and Erin out for their lack of teamwork and for throwing him under the bus. It was extremely clear that they were bullying him when he worked so hard. Erin seems to be quiet while they GO AT IT to the point where MJ starts playing referee. I’m waiting for the WWE bell to go off. They honestly should have nothing to say because Cornelius is right. SH*T, I can’t believe I just said that.

Roberi takes the win! So happy for him he absolutely deserved it. His girl was great.

Cornelius is sent home? No ma’am, that’s not fair! Tim better use his… okay he uses his Tim Gunn Save! Well this is going to be SUPER awkward in the workroom now!

I’m happy Cornelius has another chance and I am soooo happy that Roberi finally pulled a win! Great job guys!

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