Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Jungle to Jungle

Wait, Universal Studios? WTF! That’s so fun! During my season the farthest we went was Long Island. Not fair!

Tim meets the designers at the King Kong attraction to announce the next challenge which is to create a streetwear look inspired by Skull Island. Poor Tasha would have loved and marveled at this challenge. On the other hand I know it will be one less drop crotch pant that we will see! Ok going through this ride is hysterical because everyone is screaming and Brik definitely peed his pants. All of the animals jumping out scaring the sh*t out of the designers reminds me of being on the NYC subway. Production could have saved some money and just made the designers take a $2.75 ride up to Harlem if they needed to be shaken up. Half of them need a damn Xanax.

They get to sketch for 30 minutes by the pool which is nice and then head back to NYC where they have one day to create this look. I can already tell this runway will be a lot stronger then last challenge. It seems like the majority of the designers are more streetwear so this should be a fun runway show.

Erin takes out a loom and is embroidering, and all I say is dear Sweet Baby Jesus I hope she manages her time well.

Dexter is giving us a play by play of his thought process and Laurence is over it. I mean I have been in this situation and I have found this very distracting to be forced to listen to someone mumbling sh*t that should stay in their own head. *cough cough Elena* You have to be respectful you’re in a small quiet workroom with a bunch of other people.

During critique time with Tim everyone seems very 50/50 on completion.
Although I do see a handful of things that are standing out. I am excited for Dexter’s military Mickey Mouse look. I hope Nina doesn’t call his color seaweed green.

Brik’s tribal-psychedelic prints are totally clashing and I think it is a really bad move to be making pants out of this black and white print.

I like Roberi’s reptile print vest. It has a very sophisticated shape to it.

Erin is hand embroidering her shorts and she has a TON of work left to do. I mean we all know she knocks these pieces out and will hopefully have everything done. I’m excited to see her look.

Nathalia is using faux fur and Tim says, “…And streetwear is what you do.” Oph, I hope she makes this work. I’m not ready to say goodbye to her!

MJ is making Tasha’s dress from last episode in denim and Laurence is making a Michael Jackson “Thriller” jacket with khaki pants. I’m skeptical.

Model fittings fly by and everyone has SO much left to do.

Brik is definitely going home with this look. I wish he used the tribal print for both the top and bottom so it looked more like a jumpsuit, or maybe even a tribal skirt instead. Either way he should stay away from that black and white.

Runway day and Erin has unfinished shorts. I am so nervous for her! Everyone is running around like crazies.

Runway time
Heidi’s little black dress is a “YAS GAWD” she looks amazing! I knew she had something bangin’ in her closet!

Brik – Okay, well we know this black and white pattern plays with your eyes way too much and doesn’t compliment the brown tribal top at all, so I think he’s definitely in the bottom three.

Rik – I really like this look. It’s an updated version of a suit vest and pants with a rockstar denim vibe.

Nathalia – LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THIS. Love all of the fabric choices and proportions. The high neck crop top with the drop crotch pants are super sexy and I’m so happy she cropped the jacket it almost looks like a cape. If she doesn’t win she’s def top three.

Laurence – She looks like a Target employee with the red top and khaki bottoms. It looks very dated possibly because the jacket is very 80’s Michael Jackson and the pants look like retro mom jeans. However, because the judges lover her, I think she will be safe.

Roberi – I love the vest (I would have just made it about three inches shorter), and I LOVE the asymmetrical top and paper bag waist shorts. However, I think there is no relationship between the vest and the rest of the outfit. There is a huge disconnect with the colors. If the shorts were a darker color it would make more sense.

MJ – So this would have been great for last episode. I like it, but I don’t know about a gold cocktail dress for streetwear?

Erin – This is way confusing. I would have liked it more if it was sleeveless without a center front seam in the top. The embroidery on the pants aren’t symmetrical or balanced or make any specific motif. Overall, it just looks super unfinished

Dexter – I really like this military Mickey Mouse meets Viktor and Rolf jacket. The skull button details are great and it is super unexpected with a great jungle streetwear vibe. If not the winner he should be top three.

Cornelius – Huh? What is this 90’s popstar number? There are way too many seams and darts in her top and the pants look like she is a scarecrow.

Jenni – I like this, but it does remind me of a pajama set my mom bought me when I was seven. She just needs high waisted Batman underwear and she’s ready to go!

The top three designers are Dexter, Nathalia and Laurence. The bottom three are Erin, Brik and Cornelius.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait… Laurence wins? I really liked Dexter’s and Nathalia’s a lot more. I thought Dexter pushed the envelope with the avant-garde shoulder shapes and I was completely obsessed with all the pieces Nathalia made. Their girls were way cooler than Laurence’s girl. I don’t understand.

Brik goes home for his tribal psychedelic Beetlejuice look and as crazy as it is to say, I would have actually sent Cornelius home instead for his horrifying construction and concept.

Well another one bites the dust. Good luck Brik!

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