Season 15, Episode 6 Recap: Never Drink and Design

We open in an Absolut Elyx press cocktail party where the contestants and judges are getting to know each other a bit more and also have the chance to be interviewed by bloggers. This is the second time Heidi is announcing a challenge while the designers are drunk. Mah-Jing is dancing around and definitely feeling the booze. Okay, the challenge is to create a high-end cocktail dress in one day with a budget of $300. They need to use the surrounding lounge as their main inspiration. I hope they aren’t too drunk! If it were me…well let’s not go there… Sorry Mom!

At Mood, I’m completely unsure of Tasha’s vision based on the fabrics that she chooses and I LOVE what Nathalia picks out. It’s very Chanel.
Back in the workroom Erin’s is having a feather moment and Jenni is strategically hand-placing embellishment, and thennnn it starts. Cornelius’ shade cloud is coming in with a cold front from the west. He tells Nathalia her fabric isn’t true to her and says it’s over the top and a mistake… here we go. I mean, he is mixing three plaids together so his model is going to look homeless or like “a beautiful couch” as Nathalia comments.

Critique time with Tim!
Rik – He basically remade the bartender’s leather apron. There’s something very “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” about this which makes me nervous.

Erin – The brown feathers and brocade totally clash.

Dexter – I don’t know about all the fringe coming from the neck. It looks like a wizard beard.

Jenni- I really love this, and yes it does reminded me of the type of appliqué Erin did on her coat from last episode, but this is how the industry is. People get inspired by other people. She didn’t “copy” anything. She sees the judges responding well to Erin’s embellished touches, so she is doing just that.

Laurence – The shoulders look like an amazing chocolate cake.

MJ – WTF is that hem? I really hope he chops it off.

Roberi- Wait… what?

Cornelius – OMG no.

Tasha – Okay WTF is going on in this work room? Does nobody get this challenge?

Nathalia – Okay, so Tim hates it. I think if the pink were a different color maybe a nude it would look a lot less costumey, but overall I like the vibe of it, I think it’s pretty.

That was some critique. I can sense these next four hours are going to be a rollercoaster of emotions with basically everyone having to start over. I seriously cannot get over how everyone’s dress is so bad. This goes to show, you should never design under the influence of alcohol! I think it’s so nice of Jenni to help out both Tasha and Nathalia by giving them fabric. That is great sportsmanship.

Day of the Runway
Is it possible for everyone to be in the bottom this week? Sh*t. Well at least all the hair and makeup will be nice. (Tim calling Dexter, “Grace Jones” is everything!)

Runway time. Say a prayer! (Heidi is dressed as Colonel Sanders. Fabulous!):

Laurence – I think the quilting should have been a slightly smaller scale. I think it is very literal to the leather couch this size but I LOVE THE BACK!

Rik – I always wondered what a slutty carpenter halloween costume would look like.

Jenni – I love this. I do think the fit is a bit off. I want it to be a bit looser and a bit longer.

Erin – Turkey cocktail waitress. I think she dropped the ball on this one. This would absolutely be on the worst dressed list.

Tasha – Is this a joke? It’s a black tube with a cheap pirate belt.

Cornelius – Where’s Toto?

Nathalia – It’s definitely better than others, but it’s a bit genie, and I don’t like the tramp stamp peek-a-boo cutout.

Brik – I don’t know if she should be serving drinks at the “Star Wars” cantina bar or laying on a dashboard.

Mah-Jing – It looks like Valentine’s day.

Roberi – This looks like a bath mat/beach towel dress.

Dexter – She looks like Cousin Itt from “The Addams Family.” Supes lucky he has immunity.

The top three are Rik, Laurence and Jenni. The bottom three are Tasha, Erin and Nathalia.

In the backstage lounge, you can see the fire and lasers coming out of Erin’s eyes shooting at Jenni. I’m really happy Nathalia sticks up for Jenni. I completely agree with Nina when she said they are inspiring each other. Erin is just extra mad that she is in the bottom.

Jenni wins and Tasha goes home. I agree with this 100 percent. I loved Jenni’s dress it was chic and beautiful and she SO deserved it!

Sheesh, I really don’t know what happened. This episode was a HOT A$$ MESS.

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