Season 15, Episode 5 Recap: "Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?"

So, does room 310 sleep with their sunglasses on?

Tim meets the designers on the runway to introduce Global Beauty Ambassador for Mary Kay, Luis Casco. They announce this challenge is the first team challenge. DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN. This is a one-day challenge, two teams of six and they must collaborate on a cohesive mini-collection of four looks with an unknown budget. The budget actually depends on how well they can sell their collection concept to a group of investors. The maximum amount each group can earn is $3,000, and everyone on the winning team gets a prize of $5,000 each!

Because Rik won the last challenge, he gets to choose the first designer that is on his team. Here we go with the middle school flashbacks. Team 1 consists of Rik, Alex, Roberi, Cornelius, MJ, and Nathalia. Team 2 is Brik, Tasha, Laurence, Erin, Dexter, and Jenni. Both groups have 45 minutes to get their pitches and sketches together for the investor meeting and it seems to be going smoothly for both teams.

Luckily the investors turn out to be Nina, Heidi, and Zac. During their business pitch, both Alex and Dexter kill it! They are both articulate and professional with clear points and reasons to be invested in. Having said that, I can’t believe the judges didn’t give both teams the full amount. I know they will all make it work, but COME ON!

Team Button Bag receives a total of $2,200 and Team Unity only receives $800. Ain’t that some sh*t.

Is it just me or does Laurence’s sketch of the leather jacket and drop crotch pant look exactly like Brik’s look from the JustFab challenge?

Okay, off to Mood! Right off the bat I feel like Team Button Bag has an advantage because they have Erin, who knows how to catch the eye of the judges with color. She chooses the yellow that she had won Episode 1 with, so I think they are off to a great start!

Team Unity is having a couple of discrepancies with color and fabric. Also, I don’t like the print they pick. I feel it doesn’t match the aesthetic of the “girl” they are selling to.

The team leaders have makeup consultations with Luis from Mary Kay to finalize their looks for runway day. Immediately followed by critique time with Tim.

What a busy day! Team Unity goes first and they get a fair critique that they have a lot of work to do. The collection is shaping up to be something that looks strong. House of Bouton on the other hand, doesn’t seem cohesive to him, which triggers panic throughout the team.

The next five hours for Team Bouton look like a crazy whirlwind of hectic changes, collaborations and sadly nothing to try on during model fittings. The day flew by and it looks like not a single thing is complete. I’m a bit worried for these guys!

Team Unity on the other hand has all their garments to fit and are way more calm. They have a much darker color pallet that can easily read either sophisticated or boring. I really don’t know how both teams are going to perform. This is a total toss up!

It is the day of the runway! Everyone is running around trying to finish up and help their teammates with last minute touches. It’s nice to see everyone working so well together, compared to my season. Elena with Dmitry, Elena with Melissa… basically Elena with anybody was just bad.

Okay runway time! What in the Amish Hell is Heidi wearing? I tell you one thing, she definitely goes for it!

Team Unity
Look 1 – I don’t think that this dress goes with this jacket. All of the colors in this print don’t go back to the fabric at all. I also think the proportions are off.

Look 2 – The pants don’t have a tailored/luxe fit/feel to them. The vest looks like it was made from all the leftover scraps and then belted.

Look 3 – I really dislike this print now that I am seeing it in a pant. Perhaps if the print was just on the side seam as a tux stripe where it’s a little dash of color, it would look better. I mean printed pants are hard to wear. The shape of the shirt hem has me SUPER confused. The jacket is okay. It looks modern and wearable.

Look 4 – Great dress, love the seam detail. But it literally comes out of nowhere with the color, fabric and length.

House of Bouton
Look 1 – LOVE This denim suit. It has a great fit, with perfect proportions. I like the embellishment details on the sleeves and pant legs. I just want a tad more of it!

Look 2 – Ooph. The bodycon dress did not need a mohair bib. This doesn’t fit with the collection. At all. It should have had a structured shoulder to go back to Laurence’s jacket or the length to go back to Tasha’s skirt. This came out of nowhere.

Look 3 – I like the shoulder shape of Laurence’s jacket. The shape is very Balmain. It doesn’t really fit the model anywhere else. Putting breast darts in a leather jacket is tricky, especially because it looks bad when you wear it open. The yellow skirt length and fit is great. I’m not crazy about the pairing in color. It’s a bit bumble bee

Look 4 – Erin’s oversized colorblocked coat with pops of embellishment is really nice. I really like the length. It sort of reminds me of a Celine/ Valentino hybrid. The only thing i don’t like are the lapels. They look like they’re melting.

Heidi announces Team Bouton are the winners. They each get 5K and then get interrogated as to who deserves to be the winner. I’m crossing my fingers for Dexter!

Team Unity comes out to the runway and SH*T GETS REAL.

Watching this critique I feel so bad because I think the pieces are really well-made, perhaps if they just took a step back, restyled the looks by flip flopping some pieces, it could have worked!

During “who should go home,” everyone is crying and taking complete responsibility for their own work and is basically sacrificing themselves to go home rather than throwing someone else under the bus. I think this was a great moment to see Team Unity still standing as one and not combusting under the pressure. Standing up there in front of the judges, especially in the bottom, is extremely hard because the decision is completely out of your hands. Everyone is extremely professional and I am so proud to see Cornelius being selfless and real. He always has such an attitude and this actually shocked me the most when he said he would go home. I feel like this was a moment we really got to see his true selfless side and I really hope we see more of it in the upcoming episodes.

When the judges get to Alex, my heart breaks because he also puts himself up for elimination due to the fact he was the team leader and pitched to the investors. Sh*t, I need a drink.

So, Dexter wins and Alex is sent home. He did an amazing job this competition and when Tim comes in and gives his “go clean up your desk” speech he uses that time to congratulate Alex on his professionalism. I really thought he was going to use his Tim Gunn Save! I’m shocked that he didn’t. I know that Alex is a great team player and leader and I can’t wait to see what’s in his future!

Yea I definitely need a drink after this. See you next week kids!

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