Season 15, Episode 4 Recap: “Bricks, Barbie and Birds… Oh My!”

I love how episode four opens up. Mosquitos, jealousy and shade.

We are in the apartment of Roberi, Rik, Cornelius, and Alex as they talk about how Roberi should have been in the top (Agreed), how Rik in this next challenge needs to prove he’s not a tacky designer (Agreed, he doesn’t seem like a tacky designer, I think it was just a slip and he will recover.), and finally, how Cornelius doesn’t understand what the judges are seeing in Erin (DISAGREE, I love her aesthetic and can’t wait to see what else she gives us). Now it makes sense why all of them are wearing their sunglasses SANS Cornelius, because he’s definitely giving off the SHADE.

I also find it funny that in the first episode after Erin won the challenge, Sarah announced to all her roommates that “this is the winners room. Erin brings good luck and everyone is going to win a challenge!” When in all actuality, Erin is literally knocking all of her roommates out one by one. Linda… Kimber… Sarah girl… you’re next!

The contestants meet Heidi at the runway and Tim comes out in his swim trunks which to me, is like being at Walt Disney World and seeing a headless Mickey on his smoke break, or like when my parents sat me down and told me, that both, the Tooth Fairy and Santa were indeed fake. In their defense I was 11, but nonetheless magic = gone. So, Heidi announces that they will be designing a bathing suit, the print for that bathing suit and a cover-up to go over that bathing suit, all in one day! (This started to make my palms sweat.) However, it is all worth it because the winning look will be produced and sold under her swimwear line, Heidi Klum Swim!

Right off the bat I want to make an observation. Heidi is not only the judge for this challenge, but she is also the model for the campaign and the customer. So my words of advice is if you can’t see Heidi wearing it, change your design!

I’m happy to see Erin keeping her “sex bomb” customer because that’s very “Heidi.” I like that Alex is going more “one-piece wearable” because he’s thinking of the consumer.

At the computers, Dexter is making a snake print and Roberi is going for a tri color macaw bird which already looks AMAZING. Jenni recreates the mandala, but it’s starting to look a bit “Barbie,” Tasha is making a rasta ethnic motif and Rik is going for an abstract black and white check print (LOVE). Sarah is creating a motif of illustrated girls laying on their beach towels which is super cute, but totally for a “tween” customer. I already know that Heidi is definitely not going to pick this because it’s not portraying the sexy-sophistication that she constantly exudes.

After a quick stop at Mood, the designers come back to find their printed textiles and play a game of show and tell.

Engineering your own textile is an amazing luxury to have that takes a lot of time to perfect. On average it usually takes three or four rounds of printed sampling, also known as strike offs, to get the color matching correct. Usually the colors that you see on the computer screen don’t always translate to the actual fabric the way you intended. This unfortunately happened to Jenni. When does this girl catch a break?

Everyone’s hard at work and Cornelius of course is walking around for hours telling everyone he “doesn’t want to do this.” This is the second challenge in a row that he’s not “into.” Corney, put on your big girl panties and suck it up!

Critique time with Heidi and Tim is here and you can see everyone starting to sweat. My highlights are:

Alex – I really like the print, so I’m happy he is recutting it all in the white!

Roberi – love this print and the shape of the swimsuit. It’s very sophisticated. It gives me a Roberto Cavalli feel.

Rik – I love the mirrored graphic look!

Annnddd my lowlights are:

Cornelius – That is a rough print in a bad silhouette. ::sniff sniff:: I smell bottom two.

Dexter – No girl wants to wear a turtleneck of snake skin at the beach along with what looks like “the eye” from “The Lord of the Rings” on her boobs.

Mah-Jing – Love the colors and strap placement, but why the HELL denim? For bathing suit cups? No. He better get it together.

Sarah – Exactly what I had suspected

Jenni – She didn’t get a good critique from Heidi and wants to stick by her look. In this case it can be a recipe for disaster since Heidi is also a judge.

Tasha – The top looks like a paper doll tank top. It’s not shaped at all for a women’s chest.

Model fittings are a hoot with all of the “uh oh, whoopsie moments” and “labia spillage.” Dear sweet baby Jesus, I never thought I would hear that one on national television. That’s mildly horrifying.

SO, today is runway day emphasis on RUN. Everyone looks like they were just shot out of a pinball machine and all we need is “Flight of the Bumblebee” to start playing in the background. It looks like no one is 100 percent done with anything, but the models are suited up and it’s showtime!

The designers are greeted by Natalie Sinatra, I mean Heidi Klum, who is having a full “puss in boots” moment. I mean I like this look, but head-to-toe Kelly Green? She’s two googly eyes away from being Kermit.

Rik – Love the scale of the print. I think the black and white is very clean, but also fun. The fit in the butt is a little “in there” but all in all I like it.

Erin – I love how the ties come up and around the neck. I think that is very cool and new. The lacing down the whole back is edgy, but in my opinion, may cause too many tan-lines which could possibly veer the customer away? I would have also liked to see her take off the skirt to see the whole suit by itself!

Cornelius – So he actually did a box pleat skirt after talking sh*t about Erin’s box pleat skirt last episode? Well, this skirt is literally under the model’s nipples so her crotch looks a mile long, aka fupa loompa. I don’t know why she doesn’t remove the skirt at the end of the runway but instead pulls it up and to the side like she’s a drunken bridesmaid that has to pee. That’s pretty funny. And why is she wearing boots?

Natalia – Great print, easy, chic, great cut, love the effortless cover up. Love.

Brik – I like the sporty fit of the bottoms. The cover-up looks fun from what I can see. I love the pops of color. The print looks a little like Tetris, but I get the “brick” vibe.

Jenni – Putting the “Barbie print” aside, I would have liked it more if the print was cut symmetrically for the top. I love the shape of the halter and where skirt waistband lands on her. I would have liked to see the lacing detail that was used on the bottoms somewhere else to make it more cohesive. I feel the top is very solid and sporty where the bottoms are very strappy and sexy so there is a bit of disconnect there, but I like the tear away aspect a lot

Laurence – Why did she make a 1950s bathing suit with the reading rainbow logo on the sides?

Alex – I love this blue and white print. I think the cut of the bathing suit is very thoughtful and wearable. I also think the cover-up is the most wearable cover-up on the runway because it’s a boho dress. The only thing that caught my eye was that the blue trim in the bathing suit doesn’t match the blue trim in the cover-up and I would have LOVED it more if she was wearing a suede boho lace-up sandal. I think these heels are too much.

Tasha – This looks like three nacho cheese Doritos strategically placed on all her secret bits.

MJ – The cut of the bathing suit is really sexy and I love the strap placement. However, Heidi Klum will not produce a bathing suit that is made out of denim. No one would buy it!

Dexter – Cute fit and happy we got rid of the turtleneck aspect.

Sarah – Oh Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. Yes it’s cute, but cute isn’t the vibe. Tell me one person who has ever said “Heidi Klum is cute.” Sarah, you in danger, girl.

Roberi – I love the shape and the print. I also love the rust color of the cover-up. I think it’s effortless but balanced. Definitely in my pick for top three.

Okay so Heidi announces the top three designers who are Rik, Roberi and Alex (YAY). The bottom three being Tasha, Jenni and Sarah. (I would have switched Jenni with Cornelius.)

Rik is named the winner! I personally liked Alex’s cover-up and Roberi’s swimsuit, so this was a huge toss up for me. Nonetheless, I’m happy he was able to make a complete 360 from last episode. I knew it was just a bump. And out of the bottom three Sarah is sent packing. OMG this has me completely shocked that Erin actually beat out her entire apartment in only four episodes. Sh*t, I definitely don’t want to be on Erin’s bad side!

Well, that was a doozy. See you next week kids! You can follow me on Twitter­ @paluchristopher and Instagram­ @christopherpalu.

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