Season 15, Episode 14 Recap: This is the Final Countdown

Well kids, it is finally here! The moment we all find out who is crowned the winner of Season 15’s “America’s Next Top Chef Model Project Rupaul’s Got Talent!”

Tim joins the designers in the back lounge after the judges’ critiques and tells them they each get a $500 budget to go back to Mood. When they return to the workroom they all go into their corners and evaluate how their collection can become more cohesive. They have six hours to the end of the day and all day tomorrow. Roberi is making a textile that is all patchwork I can’t wait to see what he makes out of it because I love it! Erin is making her own embroidered textile with the Brother Dream Machine. Tim comes in to touch base to make sure everyone has a plan moving forward.

Rik – He needs to let go of all the predetermined looks and start over mixing and matching with a new eye. He is making a new leather dress to tie in the existing one.

Laurence – She is correcting a few things, adding a blouse and possibly scrapping the linen overalls.

Erin – She is making a new top to go with the yellow pants and shortening the sun dress to a skirt.

Roberi – He says his inspiration is confusion and wants to convey the confusion. I agree with Tim when he said don’t have your starting point for your collection to read as confusion. I think it needs to read clear to the customer so she can buy into the product and not be confused about it. I think he has some great pieces in there and it all goes very well with each other. I just think this is going to depend on the styling.

It goes from three hours left to one hour in the blink of an eye. Good thing they have all tomorrow to work.

Laurence is making her overalls more polished and adding leather details to match back to the jumpsuit and Rik is making a black leather dress. I am excited to see everyone’s collection especially Erin’s because right now on the racks it is the most bold looking collection out of the four.

Forty models walk in for a fitting all at the same time. Roberi switches from white sneakers to red heels which elevates the look giving it a great pop of color to balance the military green cargo. They all have hair and makeup consultations then one more hour til the end of the day. Tim comes into the workroom to give the designers a brief speech to tell them how proud he is of them and then it’s off to Fashion Week!

Cut to the designers waking up and getting ready at 3:30 am. I remember not sleeping the whole night before the show and feeling every emotion under the sun. This is truly an amazing experience and it all hits you at once.

Backstage the designers are doing last minute touchups. Some people are still sewing, Rik is completely done and sippin’ on a coffee. Good for him! I remember last minute my model by accident put her foot through the tulle underskirt of my gown so I was hacking away at that like Edward Scissorhands right before she went on. Gah flashbacks!

Roberi’s model is a no show last minute and gets a replacement, but his cool collected attitude brushes it off. The three judges and guest judge Zendaya come out on the runway and walk to their seats. Erin finishes just in time while one of Laurence’s leather skirts rip and has a huge hole in the back. (It looks like the model put her foot through it with a heel.) SH*T. I hope she can fix that in time.

Heidi comes out to welcome the audience dressed as a greek warrior superhero princess and kicks off the show!

Runway Time
Rik is first. It is entitled “Bandits.” I love the way he mixed and matched all of the different pieces. He SO pulled it together. There are three main materials that he plays with throughout the collection which are the black and white graphic spandex, bold colored leathers and embroidered paisley denim. I think it was very smart of him to keep it within those three materials so the collection stayed cohesive. There is a range of dresses, skirts, pants, vests, and jumpsuits. The first look was all black, the last look was all white and in the middle, it was a total melange of rocker/edgy/boho/free spirit. I loved it. I loved the styling of the glasses, bags, hair, and shoes. It was very cool and had an great vibe.

Next is Laurence. Her collection is entitled “Finding the Light in the Darkness.” First look is an all-leather jumpsuit which is a nod to the jumpsuit that she won in the JustFab challenge. The next look is the linen overall romper that she tweaked to make it look sophisticated. She uses army green charmeuse for a flowy drop crotch short along with all-white suiting that has the perfect relaxed chic fit. She embellishes her silk tops with pearls and has all-white leather looks from that point on. I don’t get the box pleat skirt because that is SO not Ms. Basse, and also the last look has me tilt my head and squint a little because the crotch of the dress looks like an opened leotard over a long sheer embellished skirt. This is the only look that plays with that shape so I automatically think it looks misplaced. However, I really think if she had shown that shape one other time in a different way somewhere else in the collection, it would have tied it in and didn’t confuse me. Overall the collection was clean polished sophisticated empowering and beautiful all at the same time. We all know that she has a great hand in leather. I am just happy she gave us a fresh look on it and stayed away from the dark color pallet. Can I just say sewing and traveling with an all white leather collection is a HUGE risk and it really payed off.

Next up is Roberi. This collection starts off with a bang. The color blocked iridescent fabrics with neutrals are a hit. He pairs bold separates with military coats and white button downs. He is definitely not afraid to use all different fabrics in array of color and it works all in his favor. I think it looks so sophisticated and very fun at the same time. I feel like there were two looks in the middle that kind of get a bit lost like that short structural McQueen-esque dress and then the crop top with jeans and the three quarter fur coat. I don’t think those had a proper place in his collection, but I loved the cloud print and the second to last dress with the “anxiety weaving” topper. I really feel like we can all look at this collection and completely get who Roberi is as a designer. And can we talk about the incredible feathers skirt with the iridescent organza overlay? That was beautiful art. LOVE!

Last but not least is Erin. The collection is filled with humor, color, great energy, and styling. Love the hair and glasses. The pallet is red, pale pink, yellow, and pale blue with mixed in metallic leathers and hand placed embellishment. I love her use of neoprene in the bold colors. I liked how she used overall straps on her tops and dresses. My favorite look was the gold metallic embroidered dress with the overall straps. I didn’t like the proportion of the yellow cropped pants paired with the pink oversized peplum top. I think if they were full length to the floor and there were no sleeves on the top, it would have elongated her and made it more of a sophisticated silhouette. Nonetheless, she really has something great with this collection. Her embellished shapeless color blocked dresses are versatile because you can glam them up with heels or down with sneakers all depending on the styling. They will absolutely appeal to a wide variety of women. I love the patchwork hands holding bananas. I wanted a tad more of it because it was so fun! She is not afraid to show a variety of shapes in bold colors which shows a great amount of bravery and confidence. There are very few designers out there like her. Watch out Kate Spade, you got some competition!

Judging time!
They have nothing bad to say to any of the designers to their face however as soon as they leave the runway the shade starts. Get out your sunglasses because it gets really sunny. The judges say that Laurence has the ability to make incredible cool clothes but didn’t do it. Rik turned it out but they still don’t know who he is as a designer. So that leads us to believe it is between Erin and Roberi. They say Erin is both humor and craft and is the full package and that Roberi turned it all around with an incredible point of view, being very sellable and extremely fresh all at the same time.

The designers are brought back out to the runway and someone’s life is about to change so they obviously go to commercial to make you go completely crazy one last time. The winner of “Project Runway” Season 15 is Erin! Congratulations, you kooky gal! And congratulations to all the designers for making it this far. It was a really great season and fantastic finale runway show! I already can’t wait to see your future work and success. Congratulations to all the designers of Season 15. I have to say it has been great watching you and blogging about it for the past few months. You are all incredibly talented!

Wow, I can’t believe the season is already over… I wonder how fast they will pop out Season 16. Just kidding, I need a minute to recuperate.

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