Season 15, Episode 13 Recap: A Look a Day Keeps Elimination Away

Rik, Laurence, Erin, and Roberi have a budget of $9,000 and just a few weeks to create their 10-look collections for New York Fashion Week!

Traveling critique time with Tim starts in LA with Laurence. Her inspiration for her collection is the story of her life. Tim learns she had her daughter at the age of 16, was accepted to fashion school and her dad stopped talking to her at that time for being pregnant. After years of this pain, she was forced to remove her dad from her life in her head so she could move on. He got sick and unfortunately passed away, but by that time they were so detached from each other, it was very hard to deal with for her. Laurence never got to speak to her dad ever again and continues to find beauty in all things, so her collection comes from this. It goes from army green to white to translate there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Tim is wildly enthusiastic and wants her to carry on. She has seven looks completed with only four days left to work. Her family is extremely supportive. Her daughter even moved back home from Chicago to help out with watching her younger sibling for the time being.

Next up is Rik. He meets Tim at a bowling alley. This should be funny to watch….and OH, it is! Inspired by the 60s/Sergeant Pepper and optical illusions, he has a ton of embroidery work including paisley embroidery on denim. There are a variety of prints textures and colors so Tim sees three different collections. There is no time to rework the garments, so he is going to mix and match all the pieces while styling to make it all work in a cohesive way.

Boston is next to see Miss Erin! For five weeks she was creating fabrics and textures and has no garments completed to show Tim. There are only 10 days left with 10 full looks to make. WHATTT????? You see the rush of sheer panic in Tim’s face.

Inspired by her friends, she is mixing fun textures, fun embellishments and quirky characters. Fortunately Tim loves it and applauds her rule breaking with her “fashion cacophony” but unfortunately, she only has little swatch samples of the techniques she needs to do in a much larger scale. She is looking at a TON of hand work to do. A look a day keeps the elimination away.

And now it is back to NYC for Roberi’s critique. He relocated from Venezuela because of current social and political violence happening. When he did live there, his business was robbed three times. I’m happy he is here, safe and able to live out his dream. I can’t imagine how much of a huge sacrifice it was for him, but there is also a huge opportunity and success right around the corner.

As for his critique, Roberi was inspired by classic shapes with modern fabrications. Tim says it’s a lot with too many basic silhouettes. All of the looks don’t seem cohesive or like the same girl would wear it all.

Back in NY the designers all meet at the hotel where there are many hugs exchanged and then it’s off to the workroom! After they all unpack their collections, they play show-and-tell while Rik goes straight to the sewing machine. Laurence shocks the others with her light color pallet, Roberi is congratulated on his great craftsmanship and Erin has incredible prints and way more then I anticipated on seeing. She must not have slept since her critique.

Tim announces that there will be a three-look preview to the judges tomorrow. They also need to create a logo on the brother dream machine. After the designers have selected the three looks, Tim walks around to see what they have chosen.

Day of the Preview Show
I think it is amazing that this isn’t an elimination day because I remember in the past seasons, one person wouldn’t move on and only three would go to fashion week. I like that they changed it and this is strictly a critique for feedback.

Runway Time
Heidi is live stream judging from LA and asks Michael Kors to come back as a guest judge. I can’t wait for his ridiculously funny analogies.

The first two looks are iridescent skirts with basics/neutrals on top. The last look is a salmon-colored paper bag cargo pant with a tucked in white polo topped with a military green jacket with a combo textile in some panels. I am thoroughly confused on this last look–she looks like a tourist from the 80s.

First look is an over-sized baby pink neoprene tent dress with clusters of oversized sequins. Second look is a flowy printed day dress that relates to the first look but in a softer sense. The third look is a color blocked, woven sleeve crop top with an orange leather skirt. Not sure where this sun dress comes from, but it’s pretty!


First look is a super-short baggy cargo overall onesie. Second look is a structured colorful jacquard blazer short sleeve blazer with white dress pants. Third look is all white. The top is a silk top embellished with pearls paired with pants that go to below her knee. I think she should have used the white overall jumpsuit instead so at least all of the colors were in one story.

The first look is a graphic black and white printed spandex onesie with a black leather skirt on top. Second is a color blocked little leather dress. Third look is a fully embroidered cropped jumpsuit. This is blatantly three different girls. I wish he mixed and matched his pieces like he said he was going to do.

The judges say: cohesion, cohesion, cohesion. Rik needs to be more cohesive. Erin needs to work more with her strengths and sparkle and of course cohesion. Laurence also need to be more cohesive with all of her decisions. Roberi needs to have more excitement, luxe and polish. The feeling of the girls are off. And more cohesion.

Okay, so I know this was probably super discouraging for them and there is no time for all of the work they think they need to do, but this was only a preview. They have a ton more to show the judges that actually will do the job in tying all of their looks together. I think for the preview they should have really picked the three most cohesive looks so the judges can see a mini story rather than being thrown for a schizophrenic loop. They all need to go with their strengths and try their hardest to wow everyone. I am super excited to see where they all take us next week! Good luck guys!

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