Season 15, Episode 12 Recap: Fantastic Five

WOW! The final challenge before New York Fashion Week is finally here! With only five designers left, their next challenge starts right away. Tim and Heidi meet the fantastic five at the runway where they announce another trip is in order. Heidi says this with what seems to be a southern twang. The designers are going to Austin, TX where they will find inspiration for their next look!

In Texas, they meet Tim and “Project Runway” alum Nick Verreos by the pool of the Best Western hotel to learn this will be yet ANOTHER unconventional challenge! This challenge is to create a high fashion look inspired by Austin with materials from Georgetown Farm Supply and Stubbs BBQ. Oh sh*t!

The winner gets 50 free nights stay at any Best Western in the world. You can literally travel the world and hotel hop for two months. Thats an amazing prize!

Inspired by the slogan “Keep Austin Weird,” the designers must shop smartly at both stores with a $500 budget. They get 30 minutes to shop in the farm supply store. A couple of them are going for the weird, and the others are going with the familiar. The next stop is Stubbs where they have five minutes to grab whatever they can. Luckily this stop has a ton of Austin souvenirs and band memorabilia. I know this stop will help elevate their look. Erin and Rik both go for the music equipment which is clear and smart for Austin. Cornelius goes for neon party supplies. I think he is going to have trouble really translating the “Austin-ness” into his garment.

Back in NY, the designers have two days for this challenge. Roberi is intensely weaving his whole dress, Laurence is basically done in the first five minutes, Cornelius is having a rough time figuring out what speaks to him, and Erin is making beautiful flowers out of guitar picks and mealworms.

Day Two
Cornelius commits to hot gluing stars onto his blank muslin dress as soon as he gets into the workroom. Tim then pops in to give them a twist. The designers need to make a second high fashion look to partner their existing one. Fortunately out of conventional materials, unfortunately with no additional time. They head off to Mood right then and there with a budget of $200. I’m really excited and nervous to see what happens in the next six hours. The time they had to make one over the top dress now has to be divided for two!

Back at the workroom you can see everyone is quietly freaking out and you can also start to see what looks like crazy eyes on some of them.

Critique Time with Tim
Erin – Tim loves the flowers. He says the base of the unconventional isn’t strong enough. The second look he says will be fine.
Rik – He has both of his dresses done. Tim doesn’t like his second look. It is extremely safe and not weird at all. In my opinion it is way too basic and not a high fashion look.
Laurence – He said her unconventional look has the potential to be fabulous but it’s not there yet, and her second look is expected.
Roberi – Tim is concerned about the modesty factor. Funny enough, that never occurred to me. I just assumed he would line the entire dress because it was so open. Now that we learn he isn’t, I am in a panic for him…and he hasn’t started his second look at all. BAHHHHH!
Cornelius – He has one black dresses that needs to be covered with more embellishments. And a bodice which is the start of a jumpsuit. Tim says to focus more on the unconventional look.

After seeing where everyone stands in their execution, Tim doesn’t give them more time which is shocking because usually in this scenario he would get freaked out and give them a couple more hours.

Based off the critiques alone I feel like Roberi and Cornelius are the most in trouble. Cornelius adds more flowers to his look, BUT they are all the same large size. I would have thought he would throw in all different sizes to give it dimension. I think done this way, she can easily look like a Christmas tree topper.

With just three hours left the models come in for a fitting. It’s good that most of them have a decent amount to try on their girls, but you can also see how much work they actually have left.

Runway Day
It’s hard to keep up with everyone’s agenda because there are a million things happening. Erin is burning her model with glue, Corney is last minute sewing an invisible zipper, they are all in and out of hair and makeup and now its is runway time!

Look  1– I love the colors and texture. I do think the bodice is a little heavy and overpowers the balance of the skirt. Maybe if the skirt were a couple inches longer? The treatment she used on this bodice is quite beautiful. I know Georgina is going to love it!
Look 2 – I love the silhouette of this jumpsuit. The cut is beautiful. I am not sure about the print. I think it touches on Hawaiian more than Texan and the colors don’t translate to each other.

Look 1 – I think this is a great little black dress, but there’s nothing “Austin” or “weird” present. I love all the different textures of black together. Not really “high fashion” though.
Look 2 – The neckline of this dress is straight across which looks very junior to me. There is nothing on this dress that reads high fashion or weird. I think he could have done something a bit more out there.

Look 1 – High fashion gladiator costume?
Look 2 – This is unfortunate because this is a bit boring and can be purchased anywhere at anytime.

Look 1 – WOW, this came out great. Yes it’s is incredibly revealing, but she has a nude tube top and skirt on under everything so it’s okay! I can’t believe how much hand work he was able to accomplish in that time. I do wish he brought a touch more color into the ropes. I do like the monochromaticness of it, but I think it would pop way more with a touch of color.
Look 2 – I love the mixture of these two patterns and in this silhouette. I really think he turned it completely around from his critique with Tim and deserves the win for this challenge.

Look 1 – I really like the proportion and colors of this dress. However, I think this looks very whimsical and “Erin” and not at all the mathematical meticulous Cornelius that we usually see.
Look 2 – I think the jumpsuit fits very nicely. The applique treatment on the shoulders is not very Cornelius either. I don’t think Cornelius was “Cornelius” this challenge. I think he lost himself and did Erin-esque designs and treatments.

Okay so after the deliberation, Roberi is announced the winner! He gets 50 free nights stay sponsored by Best Western and also goes to NYFW! Congratulations Roberi, you hit this challenge right on the head!

The other three designers that are going to Fashion Week are Erin, Laurence and Rik. Cornelius is unfortunately eliminated. I personally loved watching him grow since Episode 1. We all thought he was the bratty villain of the season and he has proved us wrong. He had a lot of great ideas and creations so I am very excited for him and to see more from him in the future!
Congratulations Roberi, Erin, Laurence, and Rik! Now it’s collection time

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