Season 15, Episode 11 Recap: Down to the Wire…the Chicken Wire

After last weeks double elimination the designers take a minute to reflect on how lucky they are. Cornelius took the win and had to say goodbye to friend Nathalia and foe Dexter. With only two challenges left the designers meet Heidi at the runway where they get hints for their next challenge. Heidi mentions “go big” and “buckle up.” That can literally mean anything.

The designers meet Tim and Brian Bolain from Lexus in a crazy flashdance-esque warehouse where they announce this is an avante-garde/unconventional challenge. They get $150 and two days.

Everyone is tearing the place apart and grabbing everything in sight except Laurence, who is casually shopping like it’s an organic farmer’s market. GIRL, RUN! Time is called and now it’s off to Mood.

So we have the usual: Erin is using yellow, MJ is using denim, Rik is going for texture, and Swatch is barking his head off driving Tim crazy.

Back in the workroom everyone is dumping out their metal garbage cans filled with their findings. All I am thinking about are these poor models that have to hold these garments up on their toothpick legs.

I see Rik molding tiles around the shoulder which I really like. Roberi is molding flat metals which look super aerodynamic as he was going for. Laurence is going for her structured shoulder look. MJ is molding copper mesh and wire over his denim dress and Erin is making a paper doll dress that will be embellished with a ton of little yellow flowers. I am crossing my fingers that she manages her time wisely because I really love this idea and want to see it executed not executed.

Laurence’s dress reminds me of the one she did in episode one with the square shoulders and thrown on necklace. I hope she ups the ante on this one STAT.

Day two rolls around and Erin has to scrap the flowers that she made because the glue dried weird and foamed up, making a mess.

Critique time with Tim
Rik – Tim tells him to get rid of the safety pins and to match the front to the back. I think this has the potential to wow the judges. I can see them loving this.
Roberi – I love this. The shapes are beautiful. Tim calls it edgy and is intrigued.
Mah-Jing – Tim says his strapless dress is going to be very heavy and borderline costumey.
Erin – He thinks she’s being over-ambitious. Considering at this point in time all she has is a piece of chicken wire and a yellow bow, I think he may be right.
Laurence – This looks like a wedding cake. It’s not pushing innovation at all.
Cornelius-  Tim says that he has two different stories going on. After Tim’s critique he decides to change his inspiration around to be a parasite and host. Good luck.

Model fittings come around and most of them have a decent amount to fit and there is a lot of YAAAS going on, so that’s a good sign. I do agree with MJ that Laurence should have left the pop of blue in the braiding. I also agree with Laurence about Cornelius’ bizarre tube placement.

Runway Day
Everyone looks like they have a ton left to do, especially Erin. She still has to attach all of the flowers to the chicken wire which ironically resemble the blouse she’s wearing.

Cornelius – I like the pops of neon colors. I just wish it continued onto the back. The placement of the tubes are a bit strange but overall I think it’s okay.

Mah-Jing – I really like the proportions and relationship of the copper and navy denim. However, I do think the metal panels look plopped on.

Rik – This looks great and oddly wearable. It gives me a Rodarte/Alexander Wang/Balenciaga feel. The textures are bold and the balance is spot on in the front. In the back it loses me. The tile panel looks very bulky and cumbersome on her back.

Erin – I LOVE THIS. I think it’s absolutely perfect for this challenge. The hard and soft combo is balanced the yellow is bold and all the proportions are right. These pants move beautifully and I love her hair.

Laurence – Now it looks like a Thierry Mugle wedding cake and with it being so short you can actually see her cakes.

Roberi – I like how he used all the different metallic colors in all different sleek shapes on top of the textured fabric. The lines that he created it’s very minimal. I don’t know if that will work for him or against him. I personally love it.

Top three are Roberi, Rik and Erin. Bottom three Mah-Jing, Cornelius and Laurence. Erin takes the win. I really loved her design–it was absolutely perfect for the challenge. I am so happy that she’s back on top! Poor Mah-Jing is sent home. He has such a great spirit and personality/ I’m happy that he can look at this so optimistically and be happy he made it this far in the game. Good luck, MJ!

Okay it is down to the wire kids–one challenge left! See you next week!

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