Season 15, Episode 10 Recap: Workin’ 8 to 6

The designers get a love note from Heidi in their apartments hinting their next challenge and it has something to do with high altitudes. I’m super nervous and I know Mah-Jing is as well.

It’s helicopters! The designers meet Tim and Anne Fulenwider, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire, at the “Project Runway” helicopter pad. They announce that the designers will be taking a ride around manhattan in a helicopter to get an aerial view of NYC. They need to find inspiration to create an editorial look for a NYC power woman. The winning look will be in a spread of Marie Claire magazine. They have a $300 budget for this one-day challenge.

Can I just say being in a helicopter is absolutely insane? I was in a helicopter for the QVC challenge of “All Stars” and I thought I was going to die every time we hit some wind. Pass out. Dead. You honestly feel like you’re on the top of a rollercoaster ride. It is an amazing opportunity but scary as F*CK!

You can see all the designers being inspired by different things. I’m excited to see Cornelius’ concept come to life and also MJ’s sketch was really modern and interesting with the style lines. I’m excited to see that as well. Nathalia is going full metallic glam-tron superhero and Erin is making a wonky pink amoeba coat.

Uh oh, Nathalia seems to be asking everyone for their opinions and is completely unsure of what she wants to do because her home girl Jenni is usually her “go-to” for questions like this. This is super difficult because it is such an important competition for everyone so I can totally understand if people don’t want to help. I do agree with Dexter when he says, “It’s one thing to get an opinion once and awhile, but it’s a little bit more intense to have someone helping you through the entire process.” I hope she can figure out what she wants to do and run with it! When Dexter describes what he is going to be making it sounds like a Givenchy-esque sheer lace gown which there is nothing to it.

Critique time with Tim

Rik – Tim really likes the splatter technique and is excited.
MJ – Tim wants him to be careful with the sewing because sewing a knit to a woven can be extremely tricky and can get messy.
Cornelius – Tim loves that he is combining leather colors into the grey wool. From what I can see from his sketch the seam lines look very interesting and well-placed.
Roberi – Tim is scared that it may be just a basic dress. I am scared that based on his fabric choice it can go full blown Miami up in this b*tch.
Laurence – Tim is excited, but I really don’t understand this dress.
Dexter – Tim says it is certainly editorial but is worried about time. I think this is going to look very similar to the jacket the judges hated. I hope he can switch it up a little.
Nathalia – Tim says she has too many ideas and too many textiles. She has the idea of a raincoat and a jumpsuit so hopefully she will make these pieces a bit more interesting.
Erin – The color of the vest is a soft pink and is very boxy. It doesn’t read strong powerful woman to Tim. It seems like she is going to start over.

I do like how Rik helps Nathalia. She seems to need it, so that is really nice.

Model fittings come and go and we get to see glimpses of where everyone is in the process. My favorites are MJ and Cornelius. I can tell already they will be top three.

I think Rik’s idea is interesting. It’s very “Rodarte,” which I like. I do think the black and white may be a bit too stark on the runway. Hopefully it plays out nicely.

Erin’s whips out an A-line dress out of nowhere and Dexter only has an oversized lace sock. You can tell his nerves are kicking in and might be 10 seconds from a panic attack. Erin even gives Dexter a heads up about his Gareth Pugh-inspired jacket and how he created it already and how Zac is going to give him sh*t for it. I mean make it into a vest or something different. It is exactly the same silhouette as the previous one and he isn’t listening to anyone’s advice including Tim’s.

Nathalia is really scared that her garment doesn’t look like her and looks very much like a costume, which it does. I’m really scared for her. When she starts breaking down at the sewing machine I just hope she doesn’t f*ck anything up or sew through her finger. I can’t count how many times I’ve screwed something up by accident because my mind was somewhere else.

Morning of the Runway
For the most part everyone is 95 percent done. It isn’t as stressful as it usually is so that’s nice for a change.

Runway time!

Dexter – I would have liked the dress to be more form fitted and for the jacket to be zipped a bit closed. I don’t really care for the hood. I think styled like this she just looks very short and wide.

Nathalia– I think it has a great fit and I love this color blue. I don’t like the reflective neckline. I think the metallic was a fun route for editorial, but I don’t know if a jacket was the best thing to create with it. I can see her doing something more street like an oversized denim-esque jacket, but I think she got a little lost.

Roberi – I think this is a fun and flirty dress. I love the cut and color and mixture of print, but I don’t really get “powerful woman” from this.

MJ – I think this is amazing. The color combination is edgy and it fits like a glove considering the two different materials were fighting when he was sewing them. I think the denim bra should be a tad lower. I think it’s two inches too high up and kind of throws my eye, but I love this and love how it has a mixture of color. Definitely top three.

Cornelius – I am OBSESSED with this. Love these lines. I love this grey wool and how the panels open up into pockets of color. It almost looks like a robot with some shield pieces missing revealing the rainbow inside. I love the length of the sleeve and hem. Top three.

Laurence – I don’t think the silhouette she made matches her badass aesthetic. It is a bit too cutesy for the edgy Laurence customer. It’s a baby doll dress with a full open back. Maybe she was going for that contradiction. I don’t know–I’m 50/50.

Erin – If the Chiquita Banana and a dust ruffle had a baby, it would be this dress. Eek.

Rik – I really wish the back wasn’t open and exposing the whole under dress. I really want it to be more balanced. I would have draped the splattered fabric a bit more to the back so the shorter dress looked more part of the look.

Laurence and Roberi are safe. The top three are Mah-Jing, Cornelius and Erin. The bottom three are Nathalia, Rik and Dexter. After that critique I really don’t know what is going to happen! Corey wins! He gets the Marie Claire magazine spread. I’m super happy to see him turn it all around. We are getting to know him as a designer and a person. I’m happy he isn’t the brat from the beginning of the season. Go girl!

Um both Nathalia and Dexter get eliminated? Holy sh*t! This is super unfortunate because at this point I really like all the designers and want everyone to succeed. I hope to see more from both Nathalia and Dexter soon!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and I will see you the following week! xox

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