Season 15, Episode 8 Recap: Color Me Impressed

Wow! These challenges just keep getting getter and better. The designs are going to be showcased in windows in SoHo for the public to vote on their favorite. That vote will count for 20 percent of the judges decision (not sure how they base their decisions on percentages, but, okay…).  This is also going to be a group challenge! They are each inspired by a color. Hmm… this is going to be a great episode, I can already tell.

When the designers get in the workroom they begin talking about their color and ideas. I like Roberi’s idea about designing from the influence of feelings derived from the color. Personally, I thought about using colors that make up a color, or colors that the inspired color can mix with, so as to make the color pallette more broad. Too bad I can’t be in the workroom with them! Not the first time I have longed to be on this season! However, I am not envious that this is a one-day challenge. Can these designers ever get a break?!

So far most of the groups are working well together, with the exception of Team Neutral. Nathalia and Jenni are good friends, and they keep going off together making Mah-Jing feel left out, as if he is not part of the group. We will see if this affects the garments.  So far I heard Nathalia say they were each “doing their own thing” which can be dangerous!

I actually agree with Cornelius that Team Red has just way too much red going on. I wish they would have broken it up more. I am a little concerned how all the red will look together on the runway. I would have done more leading up to the red, and then present a red stand out piece.

So far the Team Blue is my favorite. I like that they used a variety of textures to get some dimension with the collection inspired by one color. They also seem to be working together the best of all the teams. I hope they continue to push it before the runway because I think the collection could be really cool. I also hope they add in some other colors.

As time goes on the dynamics between the groups start to change. Team Neutral seems all of  sudden to be working really well together, listening to Tim’s  feedback and elevating the collection. Team Blue also seem to be continuing to work well together, even though Roberi has been a little bossy. A man after my own heart ;-).  Team Red has become the Erin and Dexter social time, while Cornelius feels like he has been stuck doing all the work. I can understand his frustration, but knowing the great work Erin and Dexter have done in the past, I wonder if he is just a little jealous he isn’t included.

Now it is time for the public to vote. I have a feeling that Team Neutral is going to win because New Yorkers wear a lot of black and neutrals. That said, there are a lot of tourists in SoHo, so it could be a toss up.

On to the Runway:
Team Red – Not loving the first look, the second is a little better, with the last look my favorite. I wish that they would have showcased some other colors other than just red. It would have enhanced the red. In addition, I felt like the silhouettes were very basic and could have been pushed further. I like that the second look did this a little bit, but I think the folds and shapes could have been exaggerated. The first look was nothing special, the pleated skirt was not done well and while the third look had some nice pieces and was chic, all together it was nothing extraordinary. I wish they would have done a well-fitted long red dress–there is nothing chicer.

Team Neutral – Again, not loving the first look. I like the pants, but the jacket color combination was not flattering to me. It seems like something you could buy at Urban Outfitters. I also was not all that impressed with the second look. Jenni has inherited Erin’s love of embellishment, but I don’t think that she does it as well nor in such a unique way. I like the pants, but think they could have been styled better. The third look is my favorite, but it feels like a different customer then the other two pieces. I especially like the two slits on the side of the jacket.

Team Blue – I love the first look. I want that skirt! I am not as crazy about the top, but the unique skirt is able to carry the entire look. I also love the second look. The jacket is very chic, yet they were able to create a punk vibe, with the cool skirt and jersey top. Ugh…I LOVE the third look the most! The pants are fit to perfection, and the jacket is incredibly cool. If I could purchase this as well, I would! Well done!

The judges agree with me that Team Blue was the strongest collection. I was also correct in that public selected Team Neutral as the winner. Team Red was predictably chosen as the losing team, with Cornelius being sent home. I feel bad for him because he was working so hard, but unfortunately Erin and Dexter have showcased a lot of talent in the past. I believe that is what carried them in this challenge. (Good thing Tim came in with the save!) Roberi was crowned the winner for his work with Team Blue, and he couldn’t be more deserving.

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