Season 15, Episode 13 Recap: My Favorite Episode

Everyone’s favorite episode! The home visits! We start with Laurence who lives in Los Angeles. She starts talking about her collection and it moving from dark to light. My heart breaks for her as she talks about her story, her father abandoned her when she told him that she was pregnant at 16. However, I can’t help but feel so happy for her when we meet her two children, who are so cute and nice. Her father was the definite loser here. Her positives definitely outweigh the pain she has had in the past, and I can see why that is the inspiration behind her collection. Sadly, I am not as excited about the collection as Tim is, and I am a little disappointed that she has stayed away from black so much. We don’t get a chance to see too many of the pieces, so I am sure there are some stunning things in there.

Next up is Rik, also from Los Angeles. We get to see his sweet mother again…at the bowling ally. This has to be a “Project Runway” first. I love how Tim calls himself a “jock” after scoring a few strikes. I don’t think that anyone will be calling Tim a jock for tiptoeing (his bowling tactic) down the bowling ally, though. We then move on to his collection, which Tim feels is very “all over the place.” I definitely see where Tim is coming from, but I have enough faith in Rik that I think the pieces will look a lot better on the models. I also think they could be cohesive if he adds a few more obvious embroideries and fabrics that tie them all together. I believe that he should leave the optical illusion element off the jacket–it makes it seem a more juvenile.

Wow, we really get surprised when we visit Erin in Massachusetts–she has zero garments finished! I am also a little surprised when she mentions her friends. I was always under the understanding that you have to complete the entire collection alone. I do believe, along with Tim, that she will pull the collection together, even with all the different ideas and textiles. Erin is incredibly talented and creative, and I am really excited for her. They then go to a restaurant to meet her mother, mentor and four friends. She seems like a lot of fun with her friends, and they even created a chalkboard drawing of Tim to welcome him.

Last, but not least, we go to visit Roberi in New York City. They have a discussion about Venezuela and what it is like to live there, especially as a youth. I think that it is awesome that “Project Runway” is bringing attention to issues in other parts of the world through the talent of one of designers. When they go back to the studio, it unfortunately is not as uplifting. Tim thinks the collection looks way too basic and all over the place, and I can’t help but to agree with him. I really like Roberi and am hoping that he works really hard in the next few days to push the collection to the next level.

That was quick! Home visits used to take up an entire episode. All too soon the designers meet back at Parsons. You can tell they are all friends, as they show each other their collections. When I was in the finals we were all hiding our collections, not wanting the other designers to see too much of it. Tim then comes in and tells the designers that they need to select their favorite three designs for the judges to preview. Like much of this entire season, I wish that we would’ve been able to do this to get the feedback before the big runway show.

On to the previews:
Roberi – I love the iridescence in the collection, and the jacket in the last look. I think this collection has a lot of potential, but I think the collection needs to be either made sexier or more polished.

Erin – This is a fun collection. The first piece is beautiful. I love the large sleeves and the appliqué. I am not too excited about the second dress–looks like something I could find anywhere. The third look is just okay to me. I like elements, but I don’t think the colors go well with the other pieces.

Laurence – I love how sleek and clean this collection is. The first and third look are amazing, but I am not impressed with the second look. I like the pants, but the jacket seems dated and done before. I would like to pair the tight bell bottoms with a simple, well-cut and loose white top.

Rik – This is my least favorite collection. Where is the Rik I loved from the regular season?! I still think there is potential, but it needs to be styled better. I agree that necklines should be opened up more and made sexier by shortening pieces and taking away leggings.

Sooo, do these designers get no twist this season?! They really are the luckiest group ever! Looking forward to next week.

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