Christine Hunsicker

Christine Hunsicker

Christine Hunsicker is the CEO and founder of Gwynnie Bee, an online clothing rental subscription service exclusively for women sizes 10-32. In 2011, armed with unique experience, deep research and the right group of motivated individuals on board, Hunsicker set out to launch Gwynnie Bee to directly tackle the limited access to trendy fashion for the majority of women – 67% of the population is size 14+ and yet they represent only 16.6% of apparel spending ($18B of $108B annually).

Her successful forays in leadership at technology startups equipped her to spearhead this business which is creating a new platform for the apparel industry. Her instincts and personal experience informed her initial concept to create an on-line community to help women discover, experience and enjoy great clothing without limitations. Gwynnie Bee strives to offer members the most up-to-date looks in today’s fashion all in one place. To that end, the company is the largest buyer of plus size clothing in the United States with over 3,000 different styles and 150+ select brands available. After four years and over 3 million boxes delivered to members, Gwynnie Bee, has grown from four people in an East Village apartment to over 350 employees, operating out of four offices across the US and India, including a 125k sq. ft. warehouse in Ohio.

In addition to filling an essential need for members, Gwynnie Bee presents brand partners with endless opportunities to plug into their growing membership and the unique feedback loop of consumer insights that a subscription service model offers. These supply-side opportunities don’t stop with access to data. Gwynnie Bee has not only helped straight-size brands to expand their size range but has also worked with international brands to launch their collections in the United States.

Additionally, Gwynnie Bee has the unique capability to continuously evolve their private label lines with members’ wants and needs in mind.

Beginning with the subscription offering, Hunsicker and team are constructing the foundation for a new apparel economy and marketplace. Members are experiencing more fashion for less spend while partners are empowered to grow with this entirely new distribution model. Recent additions such as the release of their mobile application, a prioritization feature, and launch of a basics line, continue to keep Gwynnie Bee at the forefront of the industry.

Hunsicker graduated from Princeton in 1999 and quickly rose to a leadership role as the COO of the startup Right Media. Right Media completely transformed the ad exchange industry, an accomplishment that led Yahoo! to purchase the company and its technologies in 2007. Christine kept her entrepreneurial streak going by joining as COO. Soon thereafter, Facebook acquired the company.

She currently resides in Manhattan with her sidekick, Mabel Ming, the mini Shar Pei.