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  • Viktor Luna from Project Runway All Stars Season 3

Viktor Luna

New York, NY, Season 9

Bring us up to speed!

I've been traveling more for work, to either social or charity events. I’ve also produced 4-5 collections since then and I am now working on my newest SS14 collection! Not to mention the great exposure that I received from "Project Runway" that brought more to my personal clientele. 


What garment from your season of "Runway" do fans compliment you on the most?

I have to say the pearl-sleeve white leather jacket. People just can't stop admiring the technique and uniqueness. I also find people who loved my prints! 


What do you think you are best remembered for from your season?

My tailoring skills along with my ability to work under such pressure with calmness and grace. 


Who has been your favorite client to design for?

Everyone, and I mean it. I love all my clients. They come to me so excited, and I am just thrilled to make them look and feel good! 


What celebrities would you love to dress?

I would love to dress Tilda Swinton. She is my ultimate style icon; she is elegant, androgynous and demure…all at the same time.  


What are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career?

I can make a mean leather jacket or coat! I always try to challenge myself and conquer the garment, but I have to say the fabrics that are tough for me are soft silks, chiffon or anything like that. I recently just did a soft look mini collection for Manila Luzon's video and I think I semi-conquered it! Watch "Helen Keller" with Manila and Cazwell. 


How has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all?

I definitely try to change it up. Most important, I try to make quality and refined designs. Aesthetically, I think I am more geared toward print, leather and embellishments. Overall, it's always a design evolution, and I enjoy every process.


What are your favorite pieces/staple items in your closet?

A good suit, blazer or jacket along with a dashing bow tie. And I can't leave my shoes behind; shoes can totally change the outfit altogether. 


Which fashion rule do you think is begging to be broken?

Gender rules. I wish men would be more open to wearing "girly” colors, cuts or dresses, and for that I always sing this from "Funny Face," the movie : "Think Pink! Forget that Dior says black and rust is in, think PINK!"


How do you choose what to pack for "All Stars"?

What to pack?! Trust me, I had it all planned out. First, I had to make sure I had all my necessary tools. Then I planned all my outfits from the hair to the shoes. I tried to make it an all-around fun experience and I loved every minute! 


What "Project Runway" challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time?

Men’s challenges are usually a disaster. But I love the unconventional challenges, because that's when you almost go inside a designer’s brain and see their imagination.


Who is your favorite fellow "Project Runway" designer from any season?

I really connected with Mondo Guerra and Michael Costello from Season 8; they’re both so passionate and humble. Their drive to create always pushes me to strive for more! 


What goes through your head when you see yourself on television?

I am always looking at my hair or facial expressions. I also digest the moment and I wonder if people really know what was going through my head at that time.


What is the one thing fans still would be surprised to find out about you?

I have enochlophobia. It's weird because I live in's the worst place to have that!


What makes you All-Star material?

I think I proved a lot on my season, but I returned with a vengeance to challenge myself and to be as open as I can. Being an All Star is more than just the glitz and glamour; it's all about the confidence in your craft and yourself.