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Wendy Pepper

Wendy Pepper

Age 48, Middleburg, VA - Out Episode 2
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Q&A Wendy's Take

QBring us up to speed! AI have opened my designer showroom in Middleburg, Virginia, to showcase my clothing. I run a confection company making artisan cookies called Skylar Hill Confections. I am head chef of a soup company I created called Houndstooth Soup Company. I have started a new jewelry line.
QWhat garment from your season of "Runway" do fans compliment you on the most? AMy leather corset from my final collection shown at Bryant Park.
QWhat do you think you are best remembered for from your season? AMy personality.
QWho has been your favorite client to design for? AMy daughter.
QWhat celebrities would you love to dress? AGina Torres, January Jones, Kate Middleton.
QWhat are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career? AMy strength: I have a very clear idea of who I am and how I can serve my clients. My weakness: I prefer to work in seclusion.
QHow has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all? AMy aesthetic has always been classically driven, so I suppose my clients appreciate the fact that I bring my deep understanding of proportion and fit to every project.
QWhat are your favorite pieces/staple items in your closet? AMy scarves, my shoe collection. They accent whatever new pieces I create.
QWhich fashion rule do you think is begging to be broken? AThat trendy is equal to quality.
QHow do you choose what to pack for "All Stars"? ACOMFORT, COMFORT, COMFORT.
QWhat "Project Runway" challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time? AThe best challenges are the ones that allow the individual to express their aesthetic in a meaningful way. The worst challenges are the ones that use absurd materials in the service of creating an irrelevant object.
QWho is your favorite fellow "Project Runway" designer from any season? ASUEDE. I am in love with him.
QWhat goes through your head when you see yourself on television? A "Please, God, let the editors like me."
QWhat is the one thing fans still would be surprised to find out about you? AI am nice.
QWhat makes you "All Star" material? AI'm Wendy Pepper.