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Michael Costello

Michael Costello

Age 29, Palm Springs, CA - Out Episode 12
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Q&A Michael's Take

QWhat have you been up to since your time on ''Project Runway''? A Working on making a brand and keeping my business alive. Opened a showroom and have been working on collections. 
QWhat garment from your season of ''Runway'' do fans compliment you on the most to this day? A OMG, it has to be my dress that sent me to be a Season 8 finalist, my black Statue of Liberty dress. To date it has been one of the best dresses on the runway — is what I am told.
QWhat do you think you are best remembered for from your season? A I got accused of being a cheater and a crier ... lol. But I think people and fans really loved my humble and honest self. And the way I carried myself on the show.
QFavorite client? A My friend Angela Romeo. She loves and gets everything I do. Celeb, it has to be Mya, Toni Braxton, Michelle Williams and a few others.
QWhat celebrities would you love to dress? A Eva Longoria, Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Jessica Parker.
QWhat are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career? Any weaknesses you.re still working on? A I think my strengths are simply that I get a woman's body and that I always make things to compliment them. My weakness? I don't have any! Lol
QHow has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all? A It's still there, but I don't force fabrics to do things that's they shouldn't or can't. I like to let them speak to me, 'cause I believe that fabrics have voices that use me but don't abuse me. My style is still effortless and simple chic.
QWhat are your favorite pieces and staple items in your closet? A I have a dark denim pair of jeans with stretch and literally wore the hell out of them. I have a key jacket that I think is just so amazing, I love it. It's gray wool and it's military-inspired.
QWhich fashion rule do you think is begging to be broken? A Mixing and matching. I think it's OK to be a bit matchy. Honestly, if it's cute, fits right and you feel happy in it, wear it!
QHow do you choose what to pack for All Stars? A OMG, for me at this point, whatever is black and fits! 
QAfter being on the show, what Project Runway challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time? A The Philip Treacy challenge from my season and the bridesmaid challenge from my season. Oh! And the final challenge where I was the first to be called to make a collection for Fashion Week. LOL but true! My pick for worst? Was my elimination episode.
QWho is your favorite fellow ''Project Runway'' designer from any season, including yours, and why? A I always loved Rami Kashou. I think he is the most talented and amazing designer. And I really like Leanne Marshall. There's a bunch at this point. It's really up there! I have to say I totally love Anya from Season 9, too. She's amazing.
QWhat goes through your head when you see yourself on television? A Damn, I look fat! Or I yell at the screen and say, .Damn, Michael! Make it longer!. Or think that I can change something by watching lol.
QWhat is the one thing fans would be surprised to find out about you? A That I have two kids, not one! That Mondo and I really are best friends. That I don't hate Ivy Higa. And that Gretchen Jones is not really a bitch!