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Kara Janx

Kara Janx

Age 35, New York, NY - Out Episode 7
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Q&A Kara's Take

QWhat garment from your season of Runway do fans compliment you on the most to this day? A The flower challenge. It was so pretty and, because of the unconventional fabrics, really, really charming. It's my personal FAV!
QWhat do you think you are best remembered for from your season? A I think that I was vulnerable, sincere, a little granola and a bit of a wild card.
QFavorite client? A Oh, it's so varied. I have designed some stunning wedding dresses for brides, and dressed amazing celebrities, including Emma Watson and Olivia Palermo. I have enjoyed dressing the everyday women. It's been quite a melting pot!
QWhat celebrities would you love to dress? A Rachel Bilson, Taylor Swift, Jessica Alba, Leighton Meester. Basically girls who really have a sense of self and have a great sensibility when it comes to dressing.
QWhat are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career? Any weaknesses you.re still working on? A I have a strong understanding when it comes to the business of fashion, and it has served me well. I understand being commercial and how commercial goes from the sewing room to the retail floor. I think my weakness is really indulging myself in the art form of fashion; in layman's terms, finding the balance between Art & Commerce/ Art+Commerce+Fashion=$$ + Great Design.
QHow has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all? A Not too much. I think I have grown as a designer and have a much broader understanding of fabrications and their capabilities.
QWhat are your favorite pieces and staple items in your closet? A Blazers, blazers, blazers and skinnies. A great pair of heels and some killer cocktail dresses.
QWhich fashion rule do you think is begging to be broken? A Ooooh, I would have to say no white after Labor Day.
QHow do you choose what to pack for All Stars? A I took things that I feel best in. Things that express who I am.
QAfter being on the show, what Project Runway challenges do you think are the best and worst of all time? A I think not sleeping is probably the worst thing ever. It makes every challenge unthinkable at the time. But, truth be known, I LOVE them all!
QWho is your favorite fellow Project Runway designer from any season, including yours, and why? A I love my crew of All Stars They are truly gifted and have grown so much as designers. I was fascinated by their process and really proud to be in the company of such great talent.
QWhat goes through your head when you see yourself on television? A I'm used to it at this point, but I do remember almost doing a double take. You are so far removed from that moment, but you completely remember the moment. It's radical.
QWhat is the one thing fans would be surprised to find out about you? A I have a really great singing voice, lol!!
QWhat makes you All-Star material? A I get the job done!!