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Viktor Luna's Open Letter: "HIV Won't Stop Me From Accomplishing My Dreams"

Posted By kim_messina 4:00am GMT

Viktor Luna

In Season 3, Episode 7, Viktor Luna confided in his friends Elena Slivnyak and Seth Aaron Henderson that he's been HIV-positive for seven years. In light of his revelation, he penned an open letter talking about living with HIV and to show others struggling with the disease that they're not alone:

To my Friends, Family, and Fans:

I'd like to thank you all for the continued support and concern over my health.

When I was approached to be on this current season of "Project Runway All Stars," I decided that this time I wanted to be seen for who I truly am. For those who remember me during "Project Runway" Season 9, I was very protective of my feelings and how I was portrayed on camera. Many thought I was just quiet, but in truth, I was just hiding from the world. This season, I wanted to let it all out and be myself. You've seen me laugh, cry, and openly share my feelings, but I haven’t shared everything…until now. To complete this process with myself and to truly feel free, I chose to reveal my HIV status. In doing this, I have come to accept the virus inside me, and I now know this little thing isn't going to stop me anymore.

I discovered that I was HIV-positive about seven years ago, and so many feelings surfaced: terror, devastation, embarrassment, loneliness, and shame. I woke up every morning crying and feared that death was right around the corner. It took me about three years to finally come to terms with what I was living with. I decided to go out and audition for "Project Runway" to prove that this won't stop me from accomplishing my dreams.

Today, HIV is completely different than its initial introduction into the world. Modern medicine is continually changing HIV into a virus that people live with…not die from. I find great comfort in the support and resources provided to people living with HIV and AIDS today. In retrospect, I realized the stigma of AIDS was making me feel worthless. Still, as far as we’ve come, there are still many people living with the HIV virus and AIDS, and there is still no known cure. The virus does not care if you are straight, gay, what skin color you are, or even if you are the sweetest person alive…everyone who is sexually active is at risk, and it should not be classified as a "gay" epidemic.

As a public figure and as an "All Star," it was my duty to be one of the many people to show that you are not alone and you can still follow your dreams. I've share my status with my family and my partner, all who embraced me with love and open arms. It was like lifting a huge boulder off my shoulder, and I finally feel completely proud of the person I am. With this responsibility, I hope I can create an impact and open awareness to you and to everyone else. Remember, we are all one, and only as one can we truly make a difference.

Peace and Love,
Viktor Luna


Season 3, Episode 6: In Marge We Trust

Posted By laurareineke 4:13am GMT

Deceptively simple challenges are my favorite part of "Project Runway," and I got the mother of all deceptively simple challenges this week, in every sense of the phrase.

Marge Simpson herself, matriarch of arguably the most influential TV family of all time on Fox's "The Simpsons," pops up on a TV screen to introduce the challenge to our remaining designers. The gang has to create a dress for Marge to wear on a special dinner date with Homer. The only real rule? No green -- she's worn enough green to last multiple animated lifetimes. Because it wouldn't be a "Simpsons" challenge without a sassy dig, she reminds the designers to take advantage of the accessories on the "Whoever's Sponsoring the Wall Now wall." High-five, Marge.

This task can be boiled down into one directive -- "Design a dress for Marge Simpson" -- but there's a lot at play. The design has to work on a real human model but it must also work with Marge's yellow skin and blue hair. It's gotta be fashion-forward while remaining appropriate for a middle-aged woman on a dinner date. It has to have runway appeal but it also has to translate into 2D animation. See? Deceptively simple. I love it.

Interestingly (or maybe not), the men seem to have the biggest issue in the workroom this week. While Korto, Irina, and Elena quickly settle into a groove with their designs, Seth Aaron, Jeffrey, and Christopher struggle to conceptualize an appropriate garment for a middle-aged woman to wear at a romantic anniversary celebration. Zanna has to talk Seth Aaron down from using polka dots, which sends him on a downward spiral in which he drapes FIVE potential gowns, all of them boring. Viktor, meanwhile, is creating a look that screams "safe" from the beginning: Acceptable and well made but definitely not worthy of a win. He's still stinging from landing in the bottom last week, I think.

Actress Abigail Breslin and alice + olivia founder and designer Stacey Bendet are our guest judges. Onward:

Top Three
Irina - A royal purple strapless fitted cocktail dress with tea-length chiffon paneling draped from the bustline. Early in the episode Jeffrey calls it a "giant purple nightie" but it walks elegantly down the runway. Stacey thinks it's the most creative, Alyssa compliments the color choice, and the panel is impressed by the different silhouette. Irina wins her first challenge of the season, yay!

Elena - A red gown with a plunging back paired with a quilted black blazer. The dress is beautiful and red is a smart color choice for a character with yellow skin, but the jacket looks oddly bulky, and all of it is, again, so similar to things Elena has already created for this competition. The more the judges over-praise Elena's fine but unexciting work the more I reflexively dislike everything she makes.

Korto - A black one-shoulder dress accented by sheer panels at the shoulders. The fabric has an attractive muted shimmer to it. Everyone likes this dress, especially the sheer panel at the shoulder and the hemline, but it's not exciting enough (and not Marge-enough) to warrant a win. Korto's safe.

Bottom Three
Christopher - A floral print strapless belted cocktail dress that Christopher compares to a '50s housewife ensemble but Alyssa compares to a sarong. No one likes the belt and Isaac nitpicks the bubbling at the waist. Stacey's a fan of the print. Christopher's safe.

Seth Aaron - A (yawn-worthy) billowy belted magenta gown. Seth Aaron talks a big game about it but none of the judges are buying it. Their adjectives include "boring" and "lazy" and "rushed." Isaac doesn't like when Seth Aaron insinuates that midwestern housewives deserve boring clothes. "That's the dress of fear, to me," he says of Seth Aaron's gown, arguing that a character like Marge could rise to any fashion occasion.

Jeffrey - A shimmery purple gown with wide pink lapels at the v-neck and a slit up the side, paired with a pearl necklace. Stacey thinks the dress has a "Boardwalk Empire" vibe but something about the pearls and the pastel tone reminds me of both "The Flintstones" and mermaids, for some reason. Jeffrey's choice of shoe is also deeply misguided. "You can't tell me that smart man doesn't know better," Alyssa smirks about the design. After weeks of inconsistency, the judges and Jeffrey have reached an impasse. Jeffrey's out.

Jeffrey and Seth Aaron share a tearful farewell, and that's the end of the road for our third-season champ. I've been disappointed by Jeffrey's output this season so it's sort of a relief to finally see him go.

Do you agree that it was Jeffrey's time to head out? Were you as impressed with Irina's silhouette as the judges were? Do you find Elena's work as repetitive as I do? Let me know in the comments.


See the Judges as Characters on "The Simpsons"!

Posted By kim_messina 5:27pm GMT

Project Runway All Stars Judges as Characters on The Simpsons

Cowabunga, judges! In honor of tonight's episode, "Marge Madness," judges Alyssa Milano, Georgina Chapman, Isaac Mizrahi, and mentor Zanna Roberts Rassi got, well, Simpsonized! Striking their best pose on the iconic Simpsons' couch with matriarch Marge, the judges look like they'd fit in perfectly in Springfield! "This made me beyond happy!" Alyssa tweeted about the image.

"Marge Madness" airs tonight, December 5 at 9.8c.


Season 3, Episode 5: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Posted By laurareineke 4:34am GMT

Lifetime's premiering a four-hour, two-part Bonnie & Clyde miniseries starring Emile Hirsch and Holliday Grainger on December 8 and 9, and that's as good a reason as any to challenge the "Project Runway All Stars" designers to a '30s-inspired couples' fashion competition. The challenge: Design two complementary looks for a young modern couple—one male look, one female look—based off the 1930s Bonnie & Clyde aesthetic. The designers must work in pairs, but only one person will win the challenge, which means only one person will be sent packing.

The designers are smart about pairing up. Christopher has first pick and he doesn't hesitate to choose Viktor, the designer with the most menswear experience. Strategy! Seth Aaron grabs Jeffrey, Irina picks Mychael, and Korto and Elena get thrown together by default.

I've been watching "Runway" long enough now to be wary of menswear challenges, which often turn out to be more trouble than they're worth. Contestants have a habit of biting off much more than they can chew design-wise, and the limited timeframe is not conducive to properly fitting all the pieces of a good menswear look together on a male model.

Jeffrey struggles with that point here. He's given a male model whose measurements are apparently a year old, which throws off Jeffrey's game something fierce. He yells. He throws stuff. Everyone in the workroom tenses up. During his season Jeffrey was infamously crabby, argumentative, and stubborn, so I bristled at what looks to be the beginning of a proper tantrum. But! BUT! Then he takes a voluntary time-out. When he returns to the workroom, he apologizes to everyone for freaking, then buckles down and gets back to work. And...that's it. That's it! What a pleasant surprise. Maturity is fabulous.

"Runway"/"All Stars" alum Austin Scarlett is sitting in for Georgina this week. He, Isaac, and Alyssa are joined on the judging panel by designer Elie Tahari (One of my favorite guest judges ever! He's so great!) and supermodel Bar Rafaeli. Here we gooooo:

Top Three
Jeffrey - A knee-length, high-collared grey jacket over trousers. In the workroom Christopher calls this a James Bond villain look and once I hear that I can't un-see it. The judges, though, are all about it. Jeffrey gets raves for the wide-legged pegged pants, but the coat is the centerpiece. Jeffrey gets the win. Yay Jeffrey!

Christopher - A burgundy gown with a tan leather belted harness at the waist and sheer paneling in the skirt. Alyssa is (surprisingly!) the judge to voice my concern with this look, which is that it chops the model up horizontally in a way that's not totally flattering. The rest of the judges think it's gorgeous. Christopher's safe.

Irina - A black jacket with a massive collar and flared zip sleeves overtop a black-and-gold bustier and a golden tan skirt. Austin thinks it captures the spirit of the '30s more than the other designs, but Isaac says the proportions are wrong. There's some back-and-forth about the merits of the jacket, but Elie defends its inclusion, arguing that without it the judges would have felt the look was too simple. Irina's safe.

Bottom Three
Seth Aaron - A very elaborate broad-shouldered purple skirt/jacket pairing with lots of streampunk-y leather details. Alyssa LOVES THIS LOOK (all caps is appropriate here, I promise; she's very enthusiastic). Elie thinks it's overdone. "It looks like an old silhouette from that era and we decorated it with pieces of leather," he says. Isaac thinks the leather yoke at the shoulders is good, but that the belt is a little much. Bar: "She's not feminine enough. She's not dangerous enough." And the clincher: "She's not Bonnie." Seth Aaron is safe, though.

Viktor - This look is so Viktor. A navy single-button suit (sans lapels) with fringe at the back of the jacket, black leather shoulder detailing, and a matching bowtie/pocket square combo, this one draws the judges' ire for having too much going on. Elie thinks Viktor is better dressed than the model, which is never good. Austin and Alyssa dislike the fringe. Viktor's safe, but barely.

Mychael - High-wasited black quilted trousers with a gold-and-black zip-up leather jacket. The judges are very frowny about this. Elie doesn't like the mix of leather and gold—"It takes it too costume-y"—and Isaac agrees, saying he feels like the look is more evocative of the '80s than the '30s. Mychael is out.

I'm sad to see Mychael go! He's a talented, very likable guy. But this is "All Stars" and them's the breaks.

What are your thoughts on this "couples' challenge"? Were there any designers you would've preferred to see work together? Which team's looks worked best as a pair? Do you think Jeffrey deserved the win? Let me know in the comments.


Own Designs From Episode 4!

Posted By kim_messina 10:06am GMT

In Episode 4, the Season 3 designers tackled the unconventional challenge and created looks out of school materials. Now, Midtown West School and "PRAS" are teaming up to help the community. The Episode 4 dresses are being auctioned off to raise money for enrichment programs and supplies for P.S. 212.

Bidding is open now and the auction closes on Sunday, December 1. Click here to bid on one of the looks and to get more information.


Season 3, Episode 4: Get Back to Class!

Posted By laurareineke 4:13am GMT

It's not a real season of "Project Runway" until the designers are forced to make fashion (or something approximating it) out of distinctly unfashionable materials, so we find ourselves once again at the Unconventional Materials Challenge. The designers pile onto a bright yellow school bus that shuttles them to P.S. 212 in midtown Manhattan. At first they suspect their clients might be kids, but Alyssa's on hand to let them know that the real challenge is to create "high-impact runway fashion" using materials that would normally be found in a school. This is as good a time as any to lower your expectations.

The group has four minutes to grab everything they think they'll need to create a look. The classroom turns into a ransacked hellscape pretty quickly as they rummage through school supplies. There are crayons all over the floor, rulers being thrown through the air, glitter and pencils as far as the eye can see. The free-for-all continues in the workroom, where the designers discover that this undertaking is considerably more difficult than it sounded at the outset. Elena criest to Zanna, again, because it's all very overwhelming. "This isn't novelas," Viktor says, exasperated. "Stop crying!"

But Mychael understands her pain. "The materials, they just suck," he says. A "make it work" attitude is a major tenet of "Runway," but seriously, there's only so much ANY designer can do with (a) a severely limited amount of time, (b) no real fabric, and (c) stubborn, hard-to-manipulate materials. "Did you have fun?" Alyssa chirps before the start of the runway show. "No," Elena answers sullenly. I feel you, girl.

Anyway, let's talk runway. Our guest judges are hilarious actors Gabourey Sidibe and Michael Urie.

Top Three
Christopher - A warrior-esque black number made from binders, toy magnets, and scissors. Christopher tries to explain the anti-bullying message behind the look but the judges aren't really here for it. "Who hasn't been bullied?" Isaac scoffs. But the panel likes it anyway. Christopher gets the win.

Elena - Round four of Elena's typical output: Sheath-y, color-block-y, strong shoulders, details at the bust. It's made from rulers, binders, and protractors. The judges really like it. Isaac calls the bust "Mansard roof goes safari pocket" in a complimentary way. Georgina's less impressed but can't deny the garment is good.

Viktor - A geometric patterned dress of rubber bands and thumb tacks surrounded by fringe made from rulers. Michael calls it "timeless." Gabourey delightfully admits that she judges clothing based on whether or not Beyonce would wear it, and that this look definitely fits the criteria.

Bottom Three
Mychael - A dress made from construction paper and jump ropes that totally looks like a dress made from construction paper and jump ropes. Gabourey notices the detail in the bustier and Isaac approves of the color scheme but otherwise...meh.

Korto - "Oh, god. Don't judge me," Korto mutters as her look takes to the runway. It's a halter top with a mini skirt made from rubber bands, bean bags, and rulers, and while the top is nicely detailed, the skirt is a mess. Isaac calls out the proportions and Georgina doesn't even say anything, just sort of gestures at it and says, "You know." Korto does indeed know that this is awful.

Jeffrey - Floor mats, folders, and jump ropes make up this look, which Jeffrey says is supposed to be "anime girl in a sundress mid-twirl." "I'm not sure it fits?" Michael asks, perplexed. Jeffrey gets defensive. The judges note that the garment barely covered the model's body and Jeffrey can't argue with that.

The judges hem and haw over the bottom three looks, all of which seem to settle at the same level of bad-ness. Finally Alyssa announces that all three designers are safe.

My real question: How did Irina's look not land her in the top? It's floofy and uber-feminine, perhaps bordering on the arts-and-crafts aesthetic they were warned against, but it also looks like real clothing, which is more than I can say for the other safe look that belonged to Seth Aaron.

What do you think? Should someone have gone home, and if so, which of the bottom three most deserved it? Were you as crabby as Elena was when Viktor cribbed her design idea? Did you appreciate that this was a proper unconventional materials challenge or do you think the designers should have had access to more fabric options? Let me know in the comments.


Season 3, Episode 3: There Are No Bad Cocktails, Just Bad Designers

Posted By laurareineke 4:03am GMT

We're only two weeks into the season, but it's already time for a drink. The designers congregate at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club for what they think is some free time, but obviously Alyssa is there to spoil their plans.

The simple goal this week is to create a cocktail dress. I love these back-to-basics challenges, as they often give designers the opportunity to really show off. Alyssa explains that the designers will find inspiration for a modern cocktail dress from the ingredients, colors, and presentation of the cocktails -- with names like La Exotique, Hemingway, and Sardinia -- that they are served at 40/40. Since Michael won last week's challenge he gets first dibs from the list of cocktails, then gets to pick who'll drink next. Michael picks Korto, who's followed by Jeffrey, Viktor, Elena, Melissa, and Seth Aaron. The last designer to choose is Irina. She didn't win either of the first two challenges, but her competitors still clearly view her as a threat. Irina's unphased. She knows there are worse things than being a little icy and unliked, like being out of the competition entirely. She's not here to make friends, etc.

They sketch at 40/40, then head to Mood to spend their $100. The workroom feels pretty chilled out this week, due at least in part to Elena's bouyant mood and also, I imagine, to the low-key nature of the challenge. Nobody can be too cranky when all they have to make is a cocktail dress. Zanna pops it for critiques and to throw in a twist, but even that's not too stressful: The designers have to make a "garnish" for their garments, an accessory of some kind that complements their look.

Our guest judges are fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and interior designer Nate Berkus.

Top Three
Viktor - He used a print of a chapel ceiling to make a light, flirty dress with cut-outs. Georgina and Alyssa don't love the admittedly weird flappy panel at front hem, but everyone is very impressed by the design and fit at the bust and shoulders. Rebecca says the print looks like it was engineered specifically for that design. Viktor's our winner.

Christopher - A flapper-esque nude dress with rhinestone detailing. Georgina likes that she couldn't tell the dress was made from a curtain. Nate is over the moon for it, but I agree with Christopher's fellow designers that there's very little work in it. Isaac thinks the rhinestones at the back are gratuitous.

Elena - A white cap-sleeved dress with cut-outs at the ribs and clavicles. The shape is typical Elena but it's very nicely constructed and looks expensive. Nate calls out the similarities to work by Balenciaga and Narciso Rodriguez, which prompts Elena to reiterate that she's an avant-garde designer who's watering down her aesthetic to meet the challenge requirements; later Isaac gripes about her constant need to downplay her looks.

Bottom Three
Korto - A bright green and yellow print dress with leather strap details and a high-low pleated skirt. (In the workroom, Jeffrey rightly compares it to something from Isaac's '11 resort collection.) The judging panel is split on the utility and aesthetic value of the patent leather belt, and Alyssa finds the straps on the back unflattering.

Jeffrey - A red halter dress supposedly inspired by the Vietnamese Ao dai. "I can see lots of women wanting to wear that to cocktail parties," Jeffrey says as his model walks. I don't agree! There is a very real carpetbag quality to the fabric he chose and the dog collar halter isn't flattering. His litany of excuses doesn't impress the judges at all. "He's almost begging to be sent home this week," Isaac sighs, disappointed.

Melissa - An electric purple suede sheath dress with a high structured collar and an asymmetric hem. Like Elena's, this look is a summation of all Melissa's tried-and-true signatures, which makes it a little boring. The judges like the fabric choice but dislike that the design elemnents cause the garment to be unflattering and heavy-looking. After two weeks in the bottom, Melissa's finally out.

Was Melissa's cocktail dress your least favorite, too? Which designer's look best matched his or her cocktail? Are you as unimpressed with Jeffrey as Isaac seemed to be tonight? Has anyone proved him or herself to be a real competitor yet this season? Let me know what you think in the comments.


Season 3, Episode 2: The Hall of Biodiversity

Posted By laurareineke 4:38am GMT

Time for a field trip! Alyssa herds the designers into the cavernous Museum of Natural History to present their second challenge. Drum roll: The designers will choose one of ten insects/arachnids to inspire an avant-garde look. The look should somehow incorporate the insect's color, shape, texture, and movement. It's a sign of confidence in these designers that they'll be expected to produce something avant-garde this early in the season (and in ten hours, no less). Or maybe this is a kind of punishment? You decide!

Apparently some of the insects and arachnids are deadly, "So don't open those jars," Alyssa notes. Way to toss off the most important instruction as an afterthought, Alyssa! Elena chooses first, then the rest of the designers scamper off to the Hall of Biodiversity (that's a name that deserves to be bellowed at the top of your lungs in an echo-y room, right? THE HALLLLL OF BIODIVERSITYYYY) to pick their beasts.

The designers get to use their real workspace this week, happily, and it's a good thing it's bigger than Mood because their insects and arachnids come along for the ride. We get a lot of footage of Elena being utterly bizarre, laughing one minute and letting out a blood-curdling scream the next over struggles with her design. We also see Melissa have a bit of a meltdown after Zanna's critique; she chucks her design and starts over with just hours to go. Between Melissa and Elena it's like someone left the kitchen sink running: Tears for years. (I mean, Mychael switches his ideas around after his critique as well, but he's not nearly as shaken up by it.) Everyone else seems more or less confident in their work.

Our guest judges this week are Season 9 champ Anya Ayoung-Chee and prominent jewelry designer and CFDA nominee Jennifer Meyer.

Top Three
Mychael - His grey and electric-green neoprene dress, based off a worm, has a kind of ripply outer cocoon shell. Everything about this one works for the judges, from the fabric choice (soft and expensive-looking) to the Chanel-like length of the skirt. Mychael gets the win, and he looks pleased as punch about it.

Irina - An elaborate fringe-y gown with a massive poufed skirt that Irina herself compares to a duvet. Alyssa notes that the curves of the skirt mimic the movement of a millipede and Anya likes the mix of textures. Irina was smart not to adhere too closely to her bug's yellow-and-black color scheme; the judges love the drama of the look and the quality of its construction. Irina's safe.

Elena - A warrior-esque black, orange, and yellow zip-up dress with green and red painted details inspired by a grasshopper. This silhouette/design is such a literal interpretation of Elena's BUG and so very Elena (at least half of the looks she made during her season were uber-symmetrical dresses with structured shoulders) that it doesn't strike me as particularly avant-garde, but the judges really like it. Elena's safe.

Bottom Three
Jeffrey - In the workroom, Christopher compared this to the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story," and when it walks the runway the comparison seems even more apt. The one-shoulder top is paired with trousers with one red leg, a hood, and a lampshade-esque wrap-around piece. Jeffrey jumps to defend his look against a panel of judges who seem utterly perplexed by it. There's a real difference of opinion here about how wearable an avant-garde look should be. "This is an avant-garde look. I didn't know I was supposed to make an avant-garde outfit," Jeffrey says. "Well, it's clothes, in the end," Isaac replies. Anya: "I think she could be a backup dancer for Lady Gaga. I think your look should be the star of the show." Isaac basically throws up his hands, but admits that Jeffrey's "poise in presenting the project intimated me, a little bit, into liking it more." Anya argues that had Jeffrey not defended his work, the panel would have nothing to say about it. (Sidebar: Anya brought her A-game to the judging this week.) Jeffrey lives to see another challenge: He's safe.

Melissa - The judges like Melissa's black felt dress with spidery straps sheer paneling, but they concur that it's not nearly avant-garde enough for an avant-garde challenge. "I thought it was a very beautiful little black dress," Jennifer says. "There is NOTHING avant-garde about a little black dress," Alyssa counters. Based on her workroom freakout I'm sure Melissa agrees with that criticism, actually. She's safe, though.

Daniel - Lots of brown: Short brown strapless dress, sheer brown paneling, billowy brown train. Daniel explains that he wanted the look to be "armor-esque but docile at the same time." Isaac dislikes the unflattering fabric covering the model's throat. Georgina compliments the attitude of the train but doesn't think that matches at all with the vibe of the front of the dress. Anya thinks the choice of lamé and plastic-y fabrics cheapens the whole look. "If your fabric choices are these," she follows up later, "that speaks to a taste level you can't teach someone." Daniel is out.

I'm a little surprised that Daniel was eliminated over Melissa this week. Setting aside their past work on "Runway" -- based on that criterion, Melissa is the stronger competitor, easy -- I thought Daniel's look better approximated the spirit of the challenge than Melissa's ho-hum black dress with its weird furry backpack. Plus, Melissa was on the bottom last week. On the other hand, I doubt Daniel would have made it much further, so cutting him this soon doesn't hurt much.

What do you think? Should Melissa have gone home instead of Daniel? Do you think Jeffrey's look deserved more praise or less? Do insects freak you out or inspire you? Let me know in the comments.


Season 3, Episode 1: Super Punks

Posted By laurareineke 4:49am GMT

We're back for another round of "All Stars," and the competition looks fierce. We've got a lot of talent and big personalities in the mix this time, including three former "Project Runway" winners (Irina, Jeffrey, and Seth Aaron), six who made it all the way to Fashion Week (Viktor, Mychael, Christopher, Melissa, Ari, and Korto), and two wildcards (Daniel and Elena).

The designers meet new host Alyssa Milano in Bryant Park, where she explains a few notes: Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are back as judges, with Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi acting as mentor. There's no immunity this time around. Challenge winners will be up for elimination each week along with everyone else. The prize package is huge and valued at over three quarters' of a million dollars. Without further ado, Alyssa introduces the first challenge. Inspired by legendary rocker Debbie Harry, the designers have to create a punk look using only what's available to them at Mood. They'll hash out their garments in Mood's basement -- no workroom, no designers' lounge.

Because these guys have done this before, the first challenge has less of a learning curve and more of a "I HAVE TO IMPRESS YOU" bent. From intricate leather work to hand-hammered grommets, there's a lot of one-upmanship going on. Zanna heads in for the first critique and she's eager to take everyone's egos down a peg.

Let's talk runway. Debbie Harry joins Alyssa, Georgina and Isaac for the judging.

Top Three
Elena - A black miniskirt with a backwards neon leather jacket. "This is a straightjacket, but in bright, fun colors," Isaac says approvingly. Debbie praises the jacket, too, bringing Elena to tears. Georgina calls the jacket the most interesting, well-worked piece in the runway show, and Debbie agrees so much that she says she'll wear the jacket at a performance, prompting a big show of emotion from a grateful, flattered Elena. (This is also Elena's first challenge win. Ever.)

Jeffrey - A ragged high-low chiffon skirt with a leopard-print-accented black peplum low-backed jacket. Georgina likes that it's editorial and Alyssa says she'd wear it. Isaac thinks it's a sucess because Jeffrey "expressed himself and regarded us looking at it." Jeffrey's safe.

Seth Aaron - White plaid pants with a black- and red-trimmed white leather jacket. Isaac digs the proportions and Georgina loves the attitude of the white leather jacket. "That was, to me, exactly what the challenge [asked for]," says Alyssa, but Georgina doesn't quite think it screams "punk." Seth Aaron's safe.

Bottom Three
Viktor - A black blazer with grommet detailing on the sleeves paired with red, grey, and black patterened pants. The judges think it's well done, but Isaac says the outfit lacks tension, that the model seems sporty and relaxed but not really punk. Georgina and Debbie agree that the model looks a little conformist and that the weekender bag and shoes don't help. Viktor's safe.

Melissa - A one-shoulder blue bodycon dress, black tights, and a white sleeveless leather jacket. Melissa admits she ran out of time on the dress, but Georgina and Isaac both think that the dress and not the jacket is what gives the look some personality. Melissa's safe.

Ari - A lime green and slate grey jacket layered underneath a khaki bolero, paired with grey and black shorts. Georgina's blown away by the construction of the garments, but for her that underlines the problem: It's not rough enough. The ensemble is much more sophisticated than, as Alyssa says, "any person who's of that movement would want to be." And with that, Ari is the first designer eliminated this season.

Coming up this season on "All Stars": Tears! Yelling! Frantic sewing! Tons of guest stars, including Elisabeth Moss, Nick Cannon, Zac Posen, Kristin Chenoweth, and Gabourey Sidibe! Buckle up, kids.

Who are you most excited to follow over the next few weeks? What'd you think of the season's first runway show? How do you feel about Ari's elimination? Let me know in the comments.


Season 3 Q&A: New Host Alyssa Milano Talks "All Stars"

Posted By laurareineke 12:15pm GMT

Project Runway All Stars Host Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano—"Who's the Boss?" ingenue and premonition-having "Charmed" witch—takes the reins as host of "Project Runway All Stars" Season 3 this week. The actress dished on her love affair with fashion, her favorite Season 3 challenges, and the surprising ways her work on "All Stars" affected her; check out the full Q&A after the jump, and be sure to tune in for a brand new season of "Project Runway All Stars" this Thursday, October 24 at 9.8c!

Can you tell us how you reacted when the producers contacted you about hosting this edition of "All Stars"? I'm assuming you were probably a big fan of the show before.
Yes, a huge fan. And I guess it kind of happened in a very backwards kind of way. Harvey Weinstein had actually seen the episode of "Fashion Police" that I had co-hosted and sort of, you know, decided with Georgina Chapman that maybe I would be a good fit for the show. So it was a very big surprise when I got that phone call. And my initial response was excitement but I wanted to make sure that we were on the same page. So I went in for a meeting with Lifetime and people from Harvey's company, from Weinstein.

And I basically just said, you know, I love fashion. I do not want to come across like I'm trying to be a fashion expert, but really I want to be the voice of that audience member that might love fashion but who isn’t an insider. And they were all on the same page with that. So it was a very, very exciting thing to be a part of. And a little scary too, obviously, because it's so outside of my wheelhouse in what I am used to. But I loved it.

"Project Runway All Stars" is different in that it's a lot more competitive. The stakes are higher. We expect more from the designers because they've been through this before. So we sort of hold them really responsible for their work and a little tougher. I went into this with the hope that I could just sort of be myself and bring my love of fashion and my passion for creativity to the show. I think that you'll find that the energy is a little different because I've been in the public eye since I was a little girl, so people know who I am. I really try to stay true to that and bring an energy to it.