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Tag (Art), You're It!

By kim_messina 11/09/2012 05:07AM GMT

On "Project Runway," one of my favorite challenges every season is when the designers get to create their own fabric—I think that it's the one challenge that really lets the designers show off their own aesthetic without being pigeonholed. So I pretty much felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I found out that there was going to be a similar challenge on "PRAS"â€_with spray paint! How freaking cool! And I think I can safely say that they designers felt the same way. (Reallyâ€_Andrae's expressions always say it all.)

There's nothing more I love than a spray paint party on the windiest day ever! Seriously, I don't know how the designers came out of creating their fabrics without a speck of spray paint on them! Upon first glance, the fabrics that stood out to me were Althea, Joshua, Uli and Anthony Ryan's. But, per usual, I was curious to see what all the designers were going to do with their new creations—I didn't write anyone off quite just yet!

Say what you want, but I am very Team Laura Kathleen. In my opinion (and feel free to disagree in the comments below!), I like her sassy, sometimes bitchy, yet confident attitude. If she didn't have the designs to support the fact that she's a workroom diva, then I'd be all like, hush. But I think she one of the strongest designers in the competition and she can hold her own. Soâ€_all power to her. (And really, who doesn't love a good awkward scene? You know, the kind when you walk into a room and know that people are talking about you? Ivy and Kayne did not do a good job covering that up.)

Speaking of people talking about you, how come Joanna didn't tell Suede that he should really rethink his design?! She cared more about that the model could wear a bra than the fact that the dress was shaping up to look like it could be worn at a 7th grade school dance. I felt like his runway fate was sealed in that moment.

I have to be honest (Okay, when am I not?!), I didn't entirely agree with the judges top and bottom choices. I thought Casanova should have been in the Top 3 instead of Ivy and that Andrae should have been in the Bottom 3 instead of Laura Kathleen. Casanova's did a great job piecing together and embellishing his fabric, and I though Ivy's fabric was weak. I get where she was going with the comic book/Lichtenstein angle, but it came across as weird and Halloweeny to me. As for Laura Kathleen, I don't think a short hemline was grounds to be on the chopping block. Andrae's big purple bow and overall styling was just tacky to me.

I think it could have gone either way between Emilio and Anthony Ryan. I personally liked Anthony Ryan's dress and fabric more, but Emilio did an ambitious jacket and definitely should have been rewarded for that. Well done.

As far as Suede's exit, I think looking back, Suede can see why Suede was sent packing. Had Suede not used paillettes, I'm sure Suede would agree that Suede would have had a fighting chance this challenge. Another Suede bites the dust.