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Season 2 Q&A: Suede Picks His Top Designers

By kim_messina 11/09/2012 03:40PM GMT

Project Runway All Stars Suede

Everyone's favorite third person-talking designer, Suede, was cut from the competition last night, paillettes and all. The former "Project Runway" Season 5 designer chatted with about his "wearable art" garment, workroom catfights and why he will always be Team Tim Gunn. Check out his Q&A after the jump!

Q: What is it about "Project Runway" that made you come back for "All Stars"?
Suede: It's such an amazing opportunity to be able to showcase what you can do. It was a great experience the first time around, and I was thrilled to be asked to come back and try to make it work, yet again.

Q: What was your biggest flaw with your design this week?
Suede: Making something that is an art piece is so open to interpretation. I really don't do artwork in terms of clothing. I do very commercial work, so it was quite a challenge for me. I had never held a can of spray paint in my life. It was all a big, big challenge for me. Do I agree with the judges? No, but that's why I'm the contestant, not the judge.

Q: Do you wish you had done anything differently?
Suede: Absolutely, I wish I hadn't gone home. Looking back, there are a lot of things that I would have done differently, but fashion's an evolution, especially in a reality show. It's an in the moment decision and you got to go with whatever you do. Looking at it on the runway, I can see why the judges didn't love it, but this whole concept of creating wearable art is so open to interpretation. It's not my forte and I still stand behind that it was wearable art. There's really no true definition of what wearable art is, so i think each person interprets it differently.

Q: Do you think that someone else should have gone home instead?
Suede: We were told that we need to have 80 percent of the garment with the fabric we [created] and I fulfilled that challenge clearly. And while it was a nice garnet, I still stand behind my comment on the show that Althea's was not 80 percent of the fabric that she created.

Q: What was your favorite design from this season?
Suede: I really dug what I did for the disco challenge. I could totally see someone wearing that in the '70s.

Q: Going into the show, who did you think was your biggest competition?
Suede: I obviously hadn't worked with any of them because no one else from Season 5 was on, so I didn't really know how they worked in the workroom. I had my eye on Joshua. I know him personally. We hang out quite a bit. I was watching Joshua and I know he's really talented. Uli was also someone I was watching.

Q: Can you see one of them being the winner?
Suede: I would love to see both Joshua and Uli in the finals. Joshua just left my apartment about five minutes ago. We were hanging out. I am a big fan of Joshua's work. He's so talented.

Q: What was it like working with Joanna Coles?
Suede: To be honest, I actually prefer working with Tim. Joanna has her pros as well, but I'm on Team Tim.

Q: Wendy Pepper says you're like a brother to her. How do you feel about her?
Suede: I love Wendy. We had a really, really strong bonding moment during the show. I was going through some really personal stuff pretty much this whole year that ended up involving domestic violence. I told Wendy about everything about what was going on, so we got really close.

Q: What did you think about the drama between Ivy and Laura Kathleen?
Suede: I really don't have time for drama. I just keep to myself. It's really hard to say because I wasn't really involved in any of that. I think people need to focus on their work and not get into other people's business, but I guess that makes good TV, right?

Q: Do you find it hard to do your best work on a show like "Project Runway All Stars" where you're given a time restraint and vision?
Suede: Oh my god, totally! Absolutely! It's the hardest thing to do. Being told what you're going to do, everything is a challenge, you have cameras in your face and you're worried about what to make, what you're going to look like, what you're going to say. While it's reality TV, it's not really real because I would never go down to Five Points with a can of spray paint and seven yards of individual fabric on the windiest day in New York City and try to spray paint. It's super challenging.

Q: You talk about yourself in the third person sometimes. Where did that come from?
Suede: I did it occasionally while I was in college, it kind of just stuck and people remember it. We don't want to be on TV and have people not remember—that's why Suede says it!

Q: What's been going on with your design work outside of the competition?
Suede: The SUEDEsays brand is available worldwide and I'm in about 4,000 stores in the United States. I have a new product line that's going to be hitting stores at the end of next month, a really big launch event that's going to be happening at the beginning of next year, new products that are hitting in 2013, I have some literary products as well—I've been keeping myself busy.