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Rami's Exit Interview

By Tracy_Goldenberg 02/14/2012 11:54AM GMT

Get a true-blue "Project Runway" fan to tell you their favorite and/or the most talented designers in the show's history, and Rami Kashou is sure to make the cut. I lovingly devoted significant blog space to my adoration and appreciation for Rami's glorious muscles, but as a serious "PR" fan myself, I'm also a legitimate lover and follower of his work. The kind he does with fashion and fabrics.

I'll speak for all of us (especially after reading the comments here, on Twitter and Facebook) and say that it was beyond shocking to see Rami go last week. Many of us pegged him as someone who would make it to the finals. But just because his time on "All Stars" came to a premature end, definitely doesn't mean Rami's reign as an All Star shared a similar fate. Find out what the gorgeous, multitalented king of draping is up to in his honest exit interview:

Rami Kashou Project Runway All StarsRami: Who am I talking to?
Lisa: I'm Lisa Raphael, I do the "Project Runway All Stars" Blog on so I’m the one who Photoshops all those photos of you in your tank top.
(laughs) Now I know where all that came from!
You’re welcome! Well, I hope you appreciate it and don't think I'm crazy over here.
Not at all, you’re marketing my arms for me, what can I say?

Yes, I would like a commission. Are you getting arm and muscle endorsements now?
Well, I booked an Effen Vodka campaign, which was amazing. They wanted to cast me after the episode when you saw me in the first tank top, I guess. A few days later I got a call from them and they said, "we like your look, we like your aesthetic, we like your designs, we want you to be in one of our ad campaigns." And now it’s coming out in April! So maybe you had something to do with it, who knows?

Perhaps! You can send me a bottle of vodka, that works for me. So it’s going to be your person, it’s not like you’re designing something for it?
It’s myself as a designer, and it’s literally a whole studio that was set up with a sewing machine and everything and my designs, and it’s basically me being myself as a designer, so â€_ I saw some of the pictures, they look really cool.

Wow, congratulations! Is that something you ever thought about doing, like modeling or featuring yourself as a person rather than your designs being center stage?
I mean, I don’t think of myself as a model necessarily, definitely not, but when it comes down to merging that with my work, I think it’s great. I never thought of it, but if opportunities like this come to me, I’m very open to them. It’s great to merge with cool brands and cool aesthetics. Effen Vodka is all about creativity and fashionable people, it’s a growing brand. It’s flattering and it’s exciting, and it’s a great way to infuse your work in different areas of the creative field.

Can't wait to see them and sip some cocktails! Now I have to ask: What is your actual workout routine? You go to Crunch in NYC, right?
I go to Crunch in New York when I’m there. In L.A., I go to Gold's Gym. I go five times a week, and it’s an hour and a half of exercise, not big on cardio, more on lifting. And then of course lots of vitamins and protein and all that stuff.

How did it feel being — I don’t know if you saw that little video mashup that we have on the site — how does it feel to be labeled as the eye candy of "Project Runway All Stars"?
It’s very flattering. I mean of course, who wouldn’t want that kind of compliment? The video’s funny, especially the background music and the slow-mo, but it was great, it was like a nice little parting gift.

Well, let’s talk about another parting gift, which was, your designs featured at the Super Bowl.
I know, that was amazing, it was an amazing experience. The stylist was — this happened before "All Stars" aired — Madonna’s stylist was doing the entire performance and she was looking for Grecian costumes and she just wasn't happy with what she was seeing, and somehow she remembered my name when it came to draping and she instantly said, "Rami has to do it!" So she called me and she said, “Honestly, I know it’s very last-minute and we’re out of time but I can’t picture anyone else doing it, I would love for you to do it,â€ù and of course I said yes, even though I was worried about time because there really wasn’t much time for approving the first sample, for re-doing it, till Madonna approved it and Madonna looked at the sketches, etc.

It was definitely an interesting experience to taste a little piece of Madonna’s world and how to operate under that amount of pressure. [The whole process] was two weeks. The first few days were sketching, and then the next week it was sending the sample to New York, then having it approved, and then her putting in her comments and what she wanted changed and us having to go in with new materials and redo the sample and send it in again. In the end, we had three days to finish those six gowns — and those chiffon gowns, they were 32 pieces each. You can’t just cut chiffon on a surface, you have to put the tissue paper underneath and cut it very gently so literally in like, 15 hours, everything had to be cut so it could go to the sewers. Everybody was freaking out as far as time, and then in three days we had six chiffon gowns with gold corsets finished, which I don’t know how we did it. It was worth it, of course.

Rami Kashou Madonna Super Bowl GownsAnd in the end, I had no idea they were going to be the first six that walked out who led Madonna and the gladiators! When I saw that, I was like “Oh my God, that is even bigger than I thought,â€ù so it’s one of those moments where you’re like, I have to pinch myself, this is so amazing, I love what I do and it just makes everything worth it. It’s one of those moments where you’re like, I’m on the right track! So that was really cool.

How does the high-stress world of Madonna compare to "All Stars"? It sounds like kind of a similar thing, where you had a limited amount of time.
It’s similar and it’s probably even more intense in other ways. It’s just the way things work. You saw it, it was a huge performance. The main thing about her, honestly, is that she has to see and approve every single thing on everyone. Even down to the sketches. But just the fact that she saw my sketches, and I got her notes through the stylist, was pretty crazy.

Are you going to frame those?
Yeah, I think I should. I have lots of them because I kept re-doing them until she was happy.

Wow, so she’s a tougher judge than Angela and Isaac and Georgina?
Yes. Definitely.

We, the fans, all really felt you were going to make it to the very end for "All Stars." Did you also feel that you left too soon?
Absolutely, definitely I felt like I was just getting started, I was like, oh wow, okay. But yeah, I mean of course I wanted to show more of my work and felt like there wasn’t much encouragement from the judges during that challenge. I felt it from Georgina for sure. But it seemed like the others were adamant about me being out. I’m like, okay, let’s do this.

Rami Kashou and Mila HermanovskiOh, that’s so sad. If you could’ve gone back and chosen who you faced off against, would you have picked another designer?
I don’t think, oh, if I faced off so-and-so, it would have made a difference. I don’t think it honestly had anything to do with that. I’m not delusional, my top could have been a little bit better but in all honesty, let’s face it, my design was not about the top. Only the neck of the top was showing. Ironically enough, Isaac insisted on seeing the blouse and suddenly my design became about the blouse, when, in all fairness, let’s be honest, some other designers in other challenges, when they were suffering, they helped them out. So I found that really interesting, but you know what, in the end, it’s a game show and you take it with a grain of salt and move on. I am grateful for the exposure, I don’t think it’s about, oh my design was so horrible and I went home, I think there are a lot of different elements that play a part of it and that’s fine.

Well, you definitely seemed to rebound really well! It sounds like you came out of it with some surprise friendships too. I talked to Anthony and he said you two have become really close during the show.
Yes, and Kara and Jerell. Those were some pretty good outcomes.

Did you expect going into "All Stars" that you would make these sort of lasting friendships?
You never know what to expect and those sort of strong bonds you have with people, you don’t expect them to happen during a competition reality show because it’s such an intense process. But I think Anthony and Jerell and Kara, it just somehow happened. I don’t know who came up with it, whether it was Kara or Anthony, they decided to create a group called the Kardashians and suddenly I was Kim, and Kara was Kourtney and Anthony was Khloe and that just became the inside joke. (laughs) There were fun moments!

Wait, why are you Kim Kardashian?
I don’t know, that’s what they decided. I didn’t insist on being Kim.

So continuing to look ahead for you, you have so much going on — you have Madonna, you have the vodka campaign coming up ... What else is on your horizon?
I am launching a Bebe Bridal collection! I hope and aim for it to grow and become a huge project. I’ve been working on that collection for the past three to four months. That’s launching March 8, and for me to have an official bridal collection — it’s going to be Rami Kashou for Bebe with bridesmaids dresses — that’s probably one of the biggest endorsements that I’ve gotten and I’m very excited for that. And I think the part of having my line of greeting cards at Papyrus shows that my creativity can hopefully extend to different avenues and not simply clothes. I think that just proves that my brand has potential to become one day a lifestyle brand, so that’s my aim. Obviously Effen Vodka came after ["All Stars"], so I’m hoping exposure will give me opportunities like that. I think when people see it, they decide whether they want to work with you or not, so I hope my passion and my professionalism in what I do and the way I speak about my brand and maybe my design aesthetic will get me new opportunities like that, because that’s the one thing I think will be good from "All Stars," the exposure.

Still not enough Rami "exposure" for you? Watch his video exit interview here and view his portfolio of work from this season and past collections!

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