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Laura Kathleen's Wedding Diary: Entry #3 "What I'm Wearing"

By kim_messina 03/04/2013 02:18PM GMT

"Project Runway All Star" Season 2 designer and "Project Runway" 9 contestant Laura Kathleen is getting ready for the biggest day of her life...her wedding! Set for April, she's inviting fans along for the journey through her wedding diary on the "Project Runway All Stars" blog. Check back each week for a new entry where she will talk about everything from the proposal and her dress to the planning every detail of her big day!

You can imagine being a fashion designer can put A LOT of pressure on all of the little details of my wedding. Like what I will be wearing, what my bridesmaids will be wearing, what are my flowers, where do I find my shoes, what is my mom wearingâ€_the list goes on! It was actually very easy to pick my FIRST look of the day. Of course I have more than one look, I have 3:)

My Grammy Peggy, my dad's mother, passed away when I was in fourth grade. Most of my great vintage pieces come from her. She and I were very alike. When she got married her dress was a beautiful duchess satin gown. Peggy was married in the 40s and her gown had been preserved, taken out when my Aunt Meg wore it, and preserved again and now taken out for me. It's at least 60 years old. I decided to redesign it using all the of the original fabric. You don't get to see a photo of my wedding dress til after the wedding! Just incase Daniel reads this and sees it! I like to keep a little tradition at times.

My next gown is made from a crepe de chine. I designed a print and have sewn the dress myself. I have also designed a red gown for my mom that I will be sewing myself as well. For my last look the one and only Viktor Luna from Season 9 has made a structured top and pant covered in pearls. I can't WAIT!!

For my bridesmaids I have decided to put them in something that everyone knows I like to makeâ€_ A JUMPSUIT! They are black with long wide legs made from pleated chiffon. I have my 10 bridesmaids in 5" heels, I'm sure they want to kill me now. However one of my bridesmaids would be better suited in a tuxedo. He is Michael Drummond from Season 8 of Project Runway, and yes we were friends before it all. My AMAZING factory in New York is making a special order so my ladies can sport Laura Kathleen on our wedding day!

The next step was a florist. I couldn't have a regular florist make the same bouquets and center pieces that were seen at every wedding. I wanted something no one had seen. When it was suggested I go see Brian the "Rebel Florist" I thought his name alone was worth a try. Brian surpassed anything we could have asked for and on top of it we didn't spend a dime. I told him where we were getting married, The Fabulous Fox Theater, he had already done events there. Lighting in the Fox is dim and very romantic. Brian let us know know that unless all the flower are white they really dissolve all the light and can barely be seen! This is a lot of money to waste on things that won't be seen (little pointer to all brides out there!). Brian suggested that we get a few gold objects that speak to us or represent us for the tables that are different heights and that can make an interesting arrangement. He then gave us a suggestions to make a brooch bouquet versus a flower bouquet. We were wowed by his willingness to share knowledge! This gave my mom a great idea.

Mom began planning a wonderful engagement party that was brooch themed. Each guest brought a brooch as a gift. My bouquet is full of beautiful pieces from all the people who will be there to share this day with us! Now it's on to sending out the save-the-dates and invitations! Check back next week for more wedding ideas and photos!