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Laura Kathleen's Wedding Diary: Entry #2 "Planning the Big Day"

By kim_messina 02/15/2013 02:59PM GMT

"Project Runway All Star" Season 2 designer and "Project Runway" 9 contestant Laura Kathleen is getting ready for the biggest day of her life...her wedding! Set for April, she's inviting fans along for the journey through her wedding diary on the "Project Runway All Stars" blog. Check back each week for a new entry where she will talk about everything from the proposal and her dress to the planning every detail of her big day!

We were engaged in April of 2012 and decided to get married exactly a year later. However, I got a phone call, late April asking if I would like to participate in "Project Runway All Stars" Season 2. This was a great opportunity to promote what I had been doing in the past year. Since Season 9 I have been working very hard to expand Laura Kathleen and Love Armour jewelry. This unexpected opportunity put the wedding plans on hold!

After filming all summer, I came home in August to begin planning a wedding for April 2013! On our list were a few beautiful places in Saint Louis. The City Hall Rotunda, World's Fair Pavilion, STL Art Museum, newly renovated downtown city library OR the place I had always dreamed of, The Fabulous Fox Theater. After calling and inquiring about the different venues, I had a headache. I remember hearing about a high school friend who quit her job to plan her weddingâ€_I SORT of understand now. I felt like I had taken on a second job! Some of the venues called for bringing in everything from the linens and flatware, to catering, and staff. A few venues were going to be a huge undertaking to decorate and transform into my vision of our wedding day! I wanted to make everything happen for the budget that had been set.

After meeting with Dina and Thom of the Fox Theater, there was no other option—the Fox was where the wedding had to be. When we walked in, the mix of Byzantine and Persian architecture, the history, even the carpet was beyond what I had remembered! In the past when I had been at the Fox, I was with thousands of people waiting to see an amazing performance. Now, my mom, future mother-in-law and I stood in this magnificent space. Pictures are the only thing that can SORT OF do it justice. I began listening to the history of the theater. I wish there was some kind of class to take to study the whole theater. I would take it.

Not only was the space amazing, but everything was taken care of by the Fox. Now, all we had left was band, cake, photography, cinematography, flowers, dress, bridal party attire, MOB dress and MOG dress. It didn't seem like too muchâ€_ I quickly scheduled cake tastings—Daniel loves sweets so he was all for this! At The Cakery, a Saint Louis Bakery, plates were set in front of us. I slowly concentrated on each batter, filling and icing. I'd look over and Daniel has devoured his whole plate! "Do you even remember which one you liked?!" I said to him. Daniel said, "All of them." Clearly we had a winner. I already knew what I wanted the cake to look like, I had pulled a picture from a magazine a long time ago.

Photography and cinematography was the next big thing to decide. Being in fashion, I wanted our pictures to look unique and different. For cinematography I went with Vimage Studios. They had shot my fall 2012 promo video and my fiancé's promo video for his business, so I knew they were capable of capturing the wedding on film.

As for the photographer I was referred to Susan Jackson three times in two days. I thought this was a sign. I called booked her and if you take a look at our engagement pictures I can't wait to see the wedding pictures!

Lastly I chose a band that my maid of honor had at her wedding. They were great at her reception, priced very competitively, so I thought this would help the budget! I'm excited for the Ultraviolets to play some of my favorites including Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody," some Prince and Your Song, originally by Elton John, but my favorite version is from the "Moulin Rouge" soundtrack.

Just wait til the next entry when you hear about the engagement party my parents threw and the unique bouquet I will be carrying down the aisle! And of course, the limited line of bridesmaids jumpsuits I have designed for my 11, yes 11, bridesmaids!