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Laura Kathleen's Wedding Diary: Entry #1 "Falling in Love"

By kim_messina 02/08/2013 12:26PM GMT

"Project Runway All Star" Season 2 designer and "Project Runway" 9 contestant Laura Kathleen is getting ready for the biggest day of her life...her wedding! Set for April, she's inviting fans along for the journey through her wedding diary on the "Project Runway All Stars" blog. Check back each week for a new entry where she will talk about everything from the proposal and her dress to the planning every detail of her big day!

I met Daniel when I least expected to meet my match, my guy:). I had been single for about a year and had just moved to my downtown loft that I absolutely loved. Decorating to my liking without having to think about a boy was a great feeling compared to what I had been through in previous relationships. The year had been what I'd call a "life-changer." "Project Runway" Season 9 wrapped filming and I was one of the 16 finalists. At age 26 I showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, accomplishing a goal that I had set for when I was 30. My professional life seemed to be speeding up while I was very content on not working on my personal/ dating life.

Saint Louis Fashion week was the second week of October and since this was where I had my first start, I always am in full attendance each year. It was towards the end of the week, Friday night, and a friend wanted me to meet a friend. Not looking to meet someone, I first responded with a no thanks. With persuasion I agreed but only for an hour. Little did I know, Daniel was on the other side saying the exact same thing.

I walked into a familiar place in St. Louis, Bar Napoli in Clayton, and saw a very attractive man with a large brimmed red wine glass in his hand. Not knowing if this was the man I was suppose to meet I didn't act upon my attraction. However, he did. Daniel walked right up to me, not knowing if I was the person he was suppose to be introduced too. If you ask him, he says he knew within five minutes of talking that I could be the one. He politely asked for my number within 45 minutes and right at about and hour we parted ways and left. He followed up the next day with a call to tell me that he had Googled my name, had no idea who I was, asked for a date and then asked "What is 'Project Runway'?"

Within six months we had fallen very much in love and had discussed getting engaged. Daniel had asked specifics about the ring I would want. Little did I know he was having it made. We planned a ski trip to Vail for the last weekend of ski season, with both parents. I was thinking that he was going to ask me in Vail, but didn't want to get my hopes up in case it didn't happen. I tried to get my mom to give me hints. He always said he would ask both parents, so if he didn't ask before we left, there was no way! Mom kept a good secret. Daniel had taken my parents to lunch two days before we left for Vail to ask for my hand in marriage. Since he didn't want to be predictable, he came home the night before we flew out, lit our entire loft with candles and waited for a couple hours for me to get home. I was completely shocked. Once I walked in I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn't walk forward. Finally he said "Will you come to the living room?" Daniel is a man of very little words—or should I say fluff/nonsense—but the words he chose to ask me to be his wife were perfect. The ring was beyond what I could have ever asked for. It was a custom designed ring by Adam Foster. A beautiful black diamond, surrounded by canary diamonds in yellow gold. Thank goodness he asked before we left or else all weekend I would be looking over my shoulder to see if he was down on one knee! Once in Vail we celebrated and my brother, Maxwell, flew in from California to join us as a surprise.

I can't believe how lucky I have been. This has been the best year of my life! Now it's on to planning an amazing wedding!