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A Few Things You Might Not Know About Isaac Mizrahi

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/11/2012 07:22PM GMT

Isaac Mizrahi Project Runway All StarsIsaac Mizrahi, designer of fashion, judger of “Project Runway All Stars,â€ù wearer of a fabulous array of notable footwear, took a very important call (mine, and other bloggers across the entertainment and fashion worlds) and let us into his world. From the truth behind his Teletubbies obsession, the secret behind his shoes and hints about what he really thinks about the designers, I’ve rounded up a few important things you might not know about Isaac below.

No, yall, he really loves Teletubbies.
Not only is Isaac totally Team Teletubbies, he even uses them as inspiration. “Well, I love Teletubbies,â€ù Isaac begins. “I know, it’s very random but you know what? I actually did a collection totally inspired by Teletubbies a long time ago. With the primary colors and the sky and the grass, it’s clean and beautiful and futuristic, I just love it. It has personality.â€ù

You weren't the only one sad (and surprised!) to see Rami go home.
Coming into "Project Runway All Stars," Rami Kashou was seen as a definite frontrunner so it was a shocker when he went home on Episode 6 for us at home and Isaac on the panel. "I think I was the most shocked to see Rami go. When it happened, I felt like we could hear the gasp across America. Honestly, that was a very rough week because it was about highs and lows and was sort of a trick week for judges. We were extremely honest about our answers and our scores and that’s how we judge things, we score. The lowest score got eliminated and that happened to be Rami. It was a shock to all of us and he was such a great competitor and such a great thinker and such a great artist and it was just shocking, I hated it. I mean I hated every week eliminating but for me the most profound loss I felt for was Rami."

He thinks Michael is Most Improved.
When asked who’s grown the most since their time on “Project Runway,â€ù Isaac says: "I think it’s Michael actually. I think he’s grown the most since his first season. I remember thinking about Michael when I first watched him [on Season 8] and thinking, ‘wow, he really needs to come a long way.’ And by the end of that particular season, I thought he did great, he really learned a lot. By the time he came to “All Stars,â€ù he really was learning. He really involved into a really, really good [designer].â€ù

He had a love/hate relationship with "Project Runway."
"I had watched [previous seasons] selectively," the PRAS judge admits. "I have not followed it obsessively. You know what? It’s my work so it was something I was both attracted to and repelled by. It was the subject of my life so as much as it’s interesting, I also kind of want to run away from it sometimes. So I watched it and I didn’t watch it."

Isaac + DVF sittin' in a tree!
Diane Von Furstenberg, mistress of all that is printed and wrapped was Isaac's favorite guest judge from this season. "I think she’s so eternal herself, like she’s such an icon and when she opens up to say something, it’s incredibly entertaining and it’s wise and stylish. I love watching her, I love being around her. The [designers] really, really learn from her because I think they respect her for being such in icon — in so many ways, not just in her work, but the way she presents herself, her, look, everything about her. She really is just an inspiration as soon as she walks in the door."

On many seasons, we see a menswear or a "real woman" challenge. I asked Isaac which All Star he thought would pull out the W if these had been posed.
"Let’s see, that’s a good question," Isaac comments, praising my stellar journalism skills. "It's really hard to say because the chips fall where they fall each week and it’s always a big surprise. Men's clothes? Maybe Rami would have done very well because he has tailoring skills? And if it was plus-size or regular-size people, maybe Kenley because Kenley really thinks about the real woman all the time when she works and her almost 'fantasy creation' is always something extremely wearable and really abbreviated and witty. I think real women really respond to that, so I think it would have been Kenley." Good answer, Isaac. Good answer.

What question would you ask Isaac and the other PRAS judges?