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Season 2 Q&A: Georgina Chapman Chats About Her Upcoming Marchesa Documentary

By laurareineke 12/13/2012 12:18PM GMT

Project Runway All Stars Judge Georgina Chapman

Curious about the inner workings of a successful fashion house? Next Thursday, Lifetime will debut a new half-hour documentary special on the inner workings of Marchesa, the brand built by "Project Runway All Stars" judge Georgina Chapman and fellow designer Keren Craig. Georgina shared with us some details about the doc—and took time to answer some spare questions about this season of "All Stars" as well. Check out the conversation below, and be sure to tune in for "Project Runway Spotlight: Marchesa" when it airs December 20 at 10/9c.

Q: In terms of a documentary, how was filming different than actually filming for "Project Runway All Stars"? What was it like to have the cameras around all the time in your personal design space?
It was quite different. I felt like the contestants. I have a lot more sympathy. It’s like they see your time and you’re working. They get to see a lot because you become unaware that they’re there after awhile. It’s interesting when I watch it because I was getting an outside perspective on what goes on. I think they did a great job and I’m really happy with it.

Q: Do you think it could ever turn into a series instead of a single half-hour documentary? Maybe a full reality show in the future?
I just hope my life wouldn’t be that dramatic. I like to think that I’m too boring for that. I can do without the drama.

Q: So what can we expect with this documentary? Did anything surprise you when you watched it?
Not really because I had lived it. There were no surprises. There was nothing filmed that I didn’t know about or wasn’t living a part of. When I saw it later, it was quite a while later that I saw it, I was on to the next thing as it were. But it was just interesting seeing it sort of like a fly on the wall looking at your own life. It’s a strange thing to step back and to see yourself in the mirror like that. As far as surprises, not really, because that’s my day-to-day life and it’s pretty accurate what they depict.

Q: Will we see any celebrity appearances on your documentary?
Yes! There are people talking about the dresses, actresses who’ve worn the dresses, editors talking about Marchesa. You get a glimpse inside of our shows. You get a glimpse inside of a charity show we did. Then you get a glimpse inside an award season and the process behind the making of a dress.

Q: When you’re judging "Project Runway All Stars" is it ever difficult to leave your own personal taste out of it or avoid comparing it to your own work?
I don’t ever compare it to my own work. You know, everyone has their own aesthetic and that’s what I particularly love about being a judge. I get exposed to all different designs, all different points of views and I find that terribly exciting, but I think your own personal taste always does come into things. I think it’s impossible to put that on one side, but I can appreciate construction. I can appreciate design detail. It doesn’t need to say I can like something even though I would never design it or perhaps never wear it. That doesn’t mean to say I don’t like it. It’s hard to—if I don’t like something aesthetically, it’s hard for me to get my head around it and say, and "Well I think it’s a great piece."

Q: With someone like Emilio, who’s more of a costume designer, do you think he’s at more of a disadvantage?
That’s hard for me to say because I trained in costumes as well. So I might think he’s at a great advantage. I come from a very similar background to him, if not the same background. It’s always worked for me. I think, you know, yes, I did have to learn on the job a bit more that other people would’ve been prepared for after their college, that’s true, but sometimes that gives you a fresher eye.

Q: I know on the show when it airs we only get to see bits and pieces of the judges discussing the look. How long is that process for you guys after the runway show?
It’s a whole day shoot. We really do talk about it in depth, myself, Isaac and Carolyn and whoever our guest judge is. We do really care about our designers. We form quite a bond with them and we feel very responsible. It’s not a flippant decision. It can be very hard sometimes. So we give it the time that it needs.