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Finale Recap: Hasidic, Vampy Dandies vs. Therapy

By Tracy_Goldenberg 03/23/2012 01:29AM GMT

Maybe Austin, Michael and Mondo aren’t your top three designers from the first eight seasons of auf, but last night’s finale was, at the very least, a captivating view of the show’s history. Even if your favorite didn’t make it to the final fashion show in the sky, there is probably a little of them represented in each of these guys. Personality wise, we have the true star and seasoned vet, the underdog with a heart of gold and the tortured artist and recluse. When it comes to the creations themselves, there’s Austin’s curated collection of whimsical, romantic glamour that even if you don’t like you “have to give creditâ€ù to — and fantasize about where to wear. Michael’s collection is full of sexy, draped resort or red carpet-ready designs that you could see waging war in the "Who Wore it Better" section of any women's magazine. Mondo is the fun designer. He's the easy fan favorite who makes modern, young, hip clothing that is at once wearable and incredibly daring. May the best man win!

Project Runway All Stars Finale Fashion Orgasm As the episode begins, it is time for the designers to say goodbye to the comforts of their home-away-from home; goodbye, Flatotel! Goodbye, free hairspray! Goodbye, seclusion and forced friendships! Hello, umbrella-holder! On a side note: Michael is wearing Mondo’s shirt from the “All Starsâ€ù key art, no?

If any of us have doubted Mondo’s intentions, passion or desire to win, he calls us back over to his corner with his earnest admission of well, wanting to win. Fine, Mondo! We want you to win too! We hated Gretchen’s stupid crocheted underwear outfits and thought you were robbed! (I actually really loved Gretchen and her designs. Shh, don't tell — another of my non-existent fashion credentials down the drain.)

The highlight of this episode, maybe the season, is Austin's description of his collection. I've transcribed it here: "It's called: 'Austin Scarlett' and it's a story of a vampire from the 18th century who has lived many hundreds of years and now resides in Williamsburg and occasionally borrows clothes from her Hassidic dandy friend." And then, his work is somehow truly that. Like I said last week, I remember going into that fashion show, knowing who the final three were and being shocked when I realized that that was Austin's work. In person it was the most interesting runway show.

Mondo's collection, I knew was Mondo's collection. It was almost an extension of his final runway show from his Season 8 Fashion Week collection and most definitely showcased his signatures: wearable separates, unique, custom patterns. They were clothing that would fly off the rack if (and: spoiler alert, when!) they were ever put on a rack.

Did anyone else want to stop Michael's show and ask the models to give us a look at the vests they peeled out of the second they got on the runway? When it all comes down to it, Michael's clothing are more my "personal style." They are the pieces that I would be most drawn to purchase in a store or pin to my "My Style" board on Pinterest. But I know that the real competition is between Austin and Mondo; the winner of the first "Project Runway" challenge ever and the loser of one of the most heated competitions and biggest "Runway" upsets ever.

My favorite pieces from each collection are below, what were yours?!

Project Runway All Stars Finale Favorites

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