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Episode 7 Recap: Let Them Wear Austin Scarlett and Mondo Guerra

By Tracy_Goldenberg 02/16/2012 06:30PM GMT

In the first frames from last night’s episode, Kenley gives Kara a run for her producer-friendly money. “Guys, can you beelieeeeve that Rami was sent home? It’s like, it’s anyone’s game now. I mean, any one of us could be next!â€ù Yup, that is entirely true and exactly how it works. But to Kenley’s credit, all of the designers are rightfully solemn and pensive post Rami’s departure. Being the best of the best is tough when you remember that in “the end,â€ù only one of you can actually be the best. Just ask the Kardashians.

Austin Scarlett on BroadwayBut the All Stars aren’t allowed to fear the seam reaper for too long. They finish their generic Wheaties, wrap their curlers in silk scarves and head to the next challenge: on Broooodwaaaay! If you don’t know anything about Broadway or the theater, let Austin Scarlett explain it to you: “The world of theater is a world of imagination, is a world of illusion, a world of fantasy.â€ù Simply put, Austin Scarlett is theater. Theater is Austin Scarlett and is therefore probably spelled theatre and pronounced thee-ay-toooorrrrr. Austin feels like such a focus in the first moments from this episode, with hints of “this is a challenge fit for meâ€ù in the air, that I am initially worried.

For this challenge, the designers must create a look of separates for a super rich character in the Broadway show “Godspell,â€ù so I have a feeling fabric choice will be a big player. Unfortunately for Kara, it is in fabric buying heaven Mood that Austin narrates a perfect clip about her rollercoaster emotions. She begins the one-part interpretive dance one-part panic attack that he describes over a pile of ribbon and thread at Mood and ends it in the workroom, after abandoning her tube-of-lipstick creation for a scarf duel with Kenley. Lots of scarves in this episode! Now I think, “ah, it is Kara’s clock who is ticking this episode and/or maybe has been for a few episodes.â€ù

While Austin finds Kara’s personality charming, Mila is fed up with her and all the workroom revelry. I try to give Mila credit, probably because I like her leggings and her lipstick so much, like, “okayyy, maybe Mila isn’t always saying negative things. Maybe that’s just how she’s edited.â€ù But you can’t edit these words into someone’s mouth: “I’ve noticed a lot of this sort of unnecessary, over-complimentary love for others’ designs.â€ù What is that ‘tude, an L.A. thing? Girl. Come on. She almost redeems herself when she uses the word “dirndlâ€ù (love it) for the second time on the series.

The designers only have a day and a half to make their designs but thank Gunn for that second bit of day because at the end of the first night, it looks like they’ve got a lot left to do and at least a few breakdowns to recover from.

Angela Lindvall and Taylor SwiftOn the runway, Angela is a vision in sparkles and I can no longer keep the secret that she is in fact Taylor Swift’s sister. In a scene that was cut from last night’s episode, Taylor actually appeared on the runway with Angela, photo proof to our left. Sorry Swiftval, the secret is out and I feel GREAT about it!

I’m interested to hear what you all think, but for me, this might be the first runway where the top two and bottom two seemed crystal clear. With that being said, what was with all of those short skirts?????????? Mondo deserved to win in my book just for actually taking it to the necessary level (RICH, PEOPLE) and going floor length.

In the middle, Jerell is sent walkin’ back to the sit-and-wait room for his totally passable but boring school marm-y getup. Joining him in the middle are Michael (top middle) and Kenley (bottom middle) although I would have flip-flopped them. While I think it could have ranked higher if it was, say a hip garden party challenge, I wasn’t a fan of Michael’s look for this challenge. Plus, I liked that loopy, shiny fabric headpiece a lot more when he made it the first time around for Ms. Piggy. I don’t know where “richâ€ù and “signature thrift store piecesâ€ù come together so it was definitely a miss for Kenley, although the brocade coat was to me exactly what would read both loud and rich in a Broadway show.

I went to Miami over Thanksgiving and my friends made me buy ridiculous clothing so that we could “get into the clubs.â€ù I think Mila’s girl probably could have gotten into the club but she would have looked pretty silly even there for that is not a blouse you dance to LMFAO in. It was between Mila and poor Kara, who ended up leaving us (and going home to a family who I would have to believe is incredibly proud of her!)

Mondo and Austin are the top two designers and they ARE the top two designers, my favorite two this challenge and overall. Austin’s look was beautiful and I think would have been the absolute best if he had gone all-out gown on the bottom and ditched the black capri-length leggings. But let them wear Austin Scarlett — or Starlet — indeed.

Where Rami’s “Project Runwayâ€ù legacy is in draping, Austin’s in gowns, Andre’s in Red Lobster, Mondo’s must forever be in prints. His selection of fabrics is an art form that I can actually FEEL when I’m watching him select and put them together. I’m happy he rebounded from last week with a winning look that I bet people in the nosebleed seats would “ooâ€ù and “ahâ€ù over from afar and still want to see close up.

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