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Bros Before Ho, Ho, Hos

By kim_messina 12/14/2012 04:35AM GMT

Happy Holidays, "PRAS" fans! I can't think of a better gift than a Christmas-themed episode of "All Stars"! (Okay, and maybe a new pair of Louboutinsâ€_I hope Santa reads this blog!)

Let's count the number of Christmas cliches I can use in one blog. And go!

The episode started out with the remaining designers meeting Carolyn Murphy and Fawaz Gruosi, founder and president of de Grisogono, at the South Street Sea Port. They were then told that the winner of this challenge would score a de Grisogono watch. Their faces lit up like kids on Christmas morning. (That's one cliche!)

The designers were then briefed that in order to win the present (Two!), they would have to survive the unconventional challenge. Dun dun duuuuuun! Their task? To create a look from material found at a Christmas storeâ€_but the look can't appear as if it came from a Christmas store!

Fun Fact: This episode was taped in the middle of the summer during a crazy heat wave in NYC, so I found it hysterical that in the beginning of the episode the designers were running into a Christmas store in shorts and tank tops!

As the designers started working on their designs, many of them had a "WTF" look on their faces. I can't say I blame them. Casanova had the best line. He said with all the silver and gold he can make a piñata. I die.

Speaking of Casanova—the poor guy had such a hard time conceptualizing his design! He made a total of four dresses! His final look consisted of scraps from the other designers. It was nice that they other designers let him use their leftovers. You know what they sayâ€_bros before ho, ho, hos. (Get it? I love cliches.)

I can only imagine how hard (and fun) it must be for Joanna Coles to give constructive criticism on the unconventional designs. On one hand, i.e. talking to Emilio, it's like, "You're just going to use ribbon?" But on the other hand, i.e. chatting with Anthony Ryan, it's like, "Who knew you could pull that off with ornaments? You've been a very good boy." (Zing!)

On runway day, I was totally fan girling that Kylie Minogue and La La Anthony were the judges. I felt like it all goes back to my teen years—I used to watch La La on "TRL" every day after school and "Can't Get You Out of My Head," was on the countdown forever.

The designs were innovative to say the least. I'll even agree with Carolyn when she said that the designers were able to prove that they can "think outside the box." Whether their designs topped the naughty or nice list is up for debate.

Anthony Ryan: From a distance you definitely couldn't tell that the dress was made from ornaments. I didn't love the disco ball-esque tiles on the bottom and top of the dress, but overall I thought he did a good job at masking the fact that everything came from a holiday story (not surprisingly).
Ivy: I actually really liked Ivy's for some reason. I'm normally one of her bigger critics, but this dress drew me in. It was fun, retro and flirty the way it moved down the runway.
Joshua: What happens when Madonna falls into a Christmas tree? This look. I didn't like it—at all. The craftsmanship on the top portion was great, but it was all too costumey for me. And the hot pants looked like a diaper. I think he should have been eliminated this week.
Uli: This win was a long time coming for Uli. I loved that her dress had simpler sides so it wasn't completely glitter and sparkle in your face at all times. Good job.
Emilio: I feel like instead of getting better each week, Emilio keeps declining. His dress looks straight out of an episode of The Jetsons. Step it up, man! You're much better than that!
Casanova: I think with all the problems he had in the workroom, Casanova was able to pull off something decent. Was it a strong look? Not really. Did I think it was grounds for elimination? No.
Laura Kathleen: Like Uli's dress, I liked that it was slightly subdued than the other dresses. At first I didn't think the model looked fat, but when Isaac Mizrahi pointed it out, I had to agree.