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Anthony's Exit Interview

By Tracy_Goldenberg 02/06/2012 05:54PM GMT

Last week's elimination was the weepiest in the short history of "Project Runway All Stars" — for almost-out contestant Michael Costello and the fans, who were not ready to send home our sweet, hilarious Anthony Williams. Especially after a challenge he had in the bag. At least in execution and making us laugh. But life's a sewing machine-littered stage for Mr. Williams, who, post-departure, chatted with me about his haters, his lovers and how he can help me get a man. Because "Hi, Hot White Guy!" will apparently only get me so far.

Anthony Williams PRAS Episode 5Lisa: Have you gotten a good response from people since Episode 5 aired? This is the first “All Starsâ€ù elimination of that the fans were really upset about FYI.
Everybody has been so amazingly positive and supportive and I did not know how people were going to respond to the whole situation. I was very pleased with the way I came off on television and I think that people really got the message so I was happy about that.

Well that’s good! But what was the message?
The message that it could’ve gone any way. You know, it’s all about perspective. From the perspective of “Project Runwayâ€ù and Lifetime, I did not obey — oh, that’s such a strong word — I did not follow the rules but the rules wereâ€_ you know, I say this all the time: if you do not put it in ink, I think that rules are subject to miscommunication in some way because I thought something different at the beginning of the challenge and then Joanna Coles said something different in the workroom and then on the runway, it became something else so this could have gone any way. I’m not going to say that I should have stayed and someone else should have gone home but from a different perspective, everything could’ve been different.

You said you liked the way you came across; did you mean just the last episode, or all season?
No, the whole entire season. I thought I looked amazing, you could see that I lost weight, there is an obvious improvement in my work and my confidence. I didn’t have an agenda, I wasn’t looking for anybody to give me anything, you know, I came in with just Anthony and that’s all I had to offer. I came in with Anthony and I walked away with just Anthony.

There was something you said at the end of the episode when you were consoling Michael, that “All Starsâ€ù gave you what you needed and you’re ready to go on to the next path. What is the next part of your journey?
Well I want my own show that shows me in my whole capacity and uses me as a catalyst to work with people and celebrate other individuals. So that’s what I wanted to do, I wanted to see how I evolved and see if I was proud of myself and mostly see if I could maintain an audience with just my presence alone, and I could. They could have blocked out everyone on that show and I guarantee I could’ve maintained that audience.

It’s funny that you mention that because when I was watching you going around and talking to people to get their clothes, that did seem like what you were doing, like you were just hosting your own show. A show were you go around and asked people for their clothes off the street.
That’s what I did and it’s interesting because I was the only person on the runway to say the exact name of the person who I received the clothes from because I learned a long time ago that it is so important to remember a person’s name and the reality of it is that I need them, it is very important in the moment that I celebrate them because at the end, they’re doing me a favor so I will always find a way to connect with you in some aspect.

Anthony Williams PRAS Episode 5Then really, in this challenge, you feel like you kind of won it in your own way?
Most definitely, I think that you just hit the nail on the head! I won it because I remained Anthony, I didn’t have to step outside my box, it wasn’t a challenge to talk to other human beings, I was really just myself.

Diego was the other breakout star of the episode. I want you to give me lessons on how to get a man!
Well the first thing you have to do is get your confidence in check and don’t let his body be the focus. Did you notice? Everybody was surrounding his body. I was like, “I don’t give a damn about your body, give me the pants!â€ù

Should I take this advice into the dating world?
Yes, you should. I went out with a guy on a date and he was very muscular and he flexed his arm and he was like, “Do you like that? Do you think that’s sexy?â€ù and I’m like, “No, sweetie, you must think I’m the average. I don’t give a damn about you having muscles.â€ù

Are you currently dating and looking for a man?
I’m looking for someone who understands that I’m really just a person. Don’t get caught up with what you see on television, I still have to check my account before I go to the mall. I want to be with a guy who sees me for me and understands that I’m not perfect, and I need a guy who gives me a little room to flip out. And I’ll tell you this is so interesting, but I love nerds. I date nerds and we get along so well. I love nerdy men. I love corny jokes. I love nerdy guys.

Sometimes opposites attract!
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. We are opposites. The only time it’s become a conflict is when it’s time to go somewhere formal and they still pull out their old New Balance sneakers and I’m like, “Take them off!â€ù

You said that in this competition you were taking daggers for having a personality. Who was giving you any crap for having a good personality?
Mila. We were standing and talking about something and Mila’s like “Designers over here and personalities over there,â€ù and I’m like, you know what, I hate that. Nobody gives a damn about watching a show where people are sitting in front of a sewing machine and just stitching dresses. At the end of the day, television is about entertainment. There is nothing entertaining about watching somebody stitch a dress. If so, they can just take a camera and they can just set it up at any sweatshop in China and just film the women showing there. And even though people say [Mila] doesn’t have a personality, the reality of it is, that is still her personality. And part of your talent is your personality. I have found in this world that your personality will sustain what your talent can’t even get you.

During your time on “All Stars,â€ù did you make any surprise friendships, obviously not with Mila, but with any of the other contestants?
I can’t get mad at Mila for being who she is but I really connected with Kara and Rami and I wasn’t too sure we’d click at all. Rami and I actually talk every day and he’s been to Atlanta to visit me, I love Rami and Kara! Kara isâ€_ let me tell you what I think is interesting about that. They edit Kara to make her look like she’s crazy and all over the place and blah, blah, blah but she’s the only one of us who’s selling her clothing at Neiman Marcus. Kara is a good person and so is Rami.

I don’t know if you saw, but there’s an Anthony vs. Jerell video on right now and it’s a mashup of your one-liners and hilarious comments (yall can watch it below!). Did you feel in competition with him, like who’s the wittiest, who’s the funniest?
Oh no. Jerell is funny as hell, I did not know he is as funny as he is because you don’t get to hear what other people say in their interviews. One thing I can’t compete with is the wittiness and the frankness and the bluntness and the factness, all of that is me, I can’t ever compete with somebody else and be the best Anthony I can be so no, we weren’t ever in competition. But did I laugh at him as much as I laughed at myself? Yes I did, he is hilarious.

The preview for the next episode shows Jerell and Michael going head-to-head with a similar look. If you got to choose what one designer to go up against, who would it be?
Michael Costello. I would want to go against him because he’s been getting a lot of praise for some very mediocre work and I think that the work is beautiful but I think that when you sign up for “All Stars,â€ù it’s not just a title, it’s a responsibility. I don’t know if it’s something about his work but he’s judged really unfairly against the ones who really put time and attention into what they’re doing and taking all of the technicalities of the situation. I really think that somebody could beat him in a challenge.

And who do you want to see win?
I would love to see Rami or Austin Scarlett win. I think they not only have the work ethic but they have the character. You got to have the character that will allow you to build a bigger business and I think that they have the work ethic and the character to allow them to do so, especially Rami.

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