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"A" is for Androgyny and Avant-Garde

By kim_messina 11/30/2012 05:03AM GMT

And we're back! Didn't it feel like an eternity since the last episode of "All Star"?! But I think the wait was well worth it—this episode was the best one yet!

The episode kicked off with host Carolyn Murphy, sporting a very gender-neutral outfit, telling the designers that in this challenge they'd have to design an androgynous and avant-garde look for their models. Ohs, ahs and oh s**ts all around. "What the hell am I going to do?" Laura Kathleen stated with sass.

After the designers sketched out their looks, they went to Mood per usual. Half hour to shop. $150. "Thank you, Mood!" You know the drill.

Back in the workroom, just as the designers started getting down to business, the lovely Georgina Chapman sashayed into the space to basically throw off their game. The catch? The designers have to create looks for both male and female models. The silver lining? They got another trip to Mood, more money and an extra day to pull it off.

I felt like this episode really showed the close relationship between Ivy and Casanova. As you may or may not know, Casanova is Ivy's design assistant in NYC, so they're tight. I would even wager they're each other's biggest fans because the look on Ivy's face when Casanova showed her his design made it seem like he just created the best thing since slice bread. (RIP Wonder Bread.) And to top it off, Ivy gave him her extra money during the second trip to Mood!

But from one romance to a bromance, I was LOLing when Joshua put on Anthony Ryan's evening wear look and strutted across the workroom. It didn't seem like it was the first time he's walked the imaginary catwalkâ€_

The laughs kept rolling in when Joanna Coles came to critique the designers. My favorite moment? (And I'm sure you'll agree with me.) Two words: ball room. I don't even need to elaborate.

(Sidebar: Not gonna lie, I enjoyed seeing the male models take their shirt off in the workroom. It was, uh, a nice change of pace. Yeah, thatâ€_)

On the runway, I have to say that I was actually impressed with what the designers pulled off in what little time they had:
Joshua: I thought this was his strongest week yet. When I first saw that he was going to use blue fur, I was a little worried for him. But he was able to pull it off! (And speaking of pull it off, can someone please retire those blue pumps! I'm so tired of seeing them!)
Uli: The first word I thought of when I saw her models was "cool." The looked effortlessly confident and I just adore the trim! The whole look was very non-Uli—she really stepped outside her comfort zone. As Isaac said, "It was sickâ€_in a good way!"
Althea: Loved the coats. The rest of the look? Not so much. But I do think the coats were enough to keep her "in."
Laura Kathleen: This challenge was definitely a struggle for her and like the judges said, you could really tell she couldn't bring her thoughts together to create cohesive looks. I get where she was going, but at the end of the day, both designs looked like a beginning-level designer created it. And I think she's much better than that.
Emilio: Love, love, love. I almost couldn't tell who was the male or female. (The female model was jacked!) Flawless. He deserved to win, without question.
Kayne: I feel like both his looks were more feminine than masculine. They should have been a balance of both. The scarf around the male model's neck was bizarre, as were his short shorts. And the styling was equally weird. I didn't get the white eyebrows. I like Kayne, I really do. But I feel like this look warranted his exit.
Casanova: All I could think when his models were walking down the runway was, "I love goooooold." Click here if you didn't get that reference.
Ivy: I didn't mind her look. I didn't love it either. It was sort of forgettable to me. She's had stronger weeks.
Anthony Ryan: Another set of models who I couldn't tell apart! Anthony Ryan just gets itâ€_every challenge. That's all I got.

Your turn: Which look was your favorite? Sound off!