The Top 10 Moments From Season 6, Episode 5: Fashion's New Superheroes

1. The designers were tasked to create superhero looks… with a $150 budget. Say what?!

2. They were each given Rodial hero cosmetic products as inspiration. To say Anthony liked his is an understatement.

3. Mentor Anne had one word for Fabio’s fabric:

4. In this episode we met the “sister wives with no husbands” – Fabio, Anthony and Ken.

5. For the first time ever, in the history of the world, dragon’s blood was fashionable – thanks to Anthony.

6. By merely pinching her model’s dress at the waste, Amanda got Isaac all verklempt.

7. While Georgina loved Ken’s design, she pondered one thing:

8. Isaac thought Edmond’s cape was a little “been there, done that.”

9. Fabios’s grandma snake dress won.

10. And Amanda’s pink diamond colorblock dress sent her home.

Want more? Watch the full episode here.

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