The Top 10 Moments From Season 6, Episode 4: Balls Out!

1. PRAS drinking game alert! Take a sip every time you hear the word “balls.”

2. Joshua dove right into this challenge. #DadJoke

3. Meanwhile, Amanda had a more practical approach to gathering her materials.

4. As the designers busted their balls (get it?!) to create unconventional looks, Helen felt that using a glue gun is better suited for “Project Runway: Amateur Hour.”

5. During critiques, Isaac apologized to Candice on behalf of the fabric.

6. Helen threw shade at the other designers and Isaac called her out on it. Her response?

7. In the lounge, the other designers continued to call her out and saying she got defensive is an understatement.

8. No, but really, she didn’t return to the runway at first and Isaac was loving every minute of the drama.

9. Stanley won and gave props to his trusty sidekick.

10. Candice was sent home and wasn’t mad at it. Lesson learned:

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