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Emily Blumenthal: Episode 8 Review

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 1:54am GMT

Dear Project Accessory Viewers,

That's it. This is the last episode of this show.  We are down to the final 3: #Goggles, Brian & Nina.  Christina & Diego are out. We are going to find out who is going to get a feature spread in InStyle and $100,000 from eBay Fashion. 

#Goggles starts off feeling confident.  Nina is still lamenting that she is still living at home and therefore has been limited with what she can do.  Brian of course says that he respects the others but he has what it takes to win (blah, blah, blah.) But I digress...

The final challenge need to create a collection of 9 accessories and presented with 3 different looks. They will be judged on a range of pieces and the designers' unique point of view.  In typical Project Runway form, they are allowed to select 1 former contestant as their helper.  #Goggles picks Diego. Nina picks Kelly and Brian chooses James for his shoe skills. #Goggles and Nina pick the former for their bag skills and rightfully so (since they are both Independent Handbag Designer Awards' alums...) The designers get to work with stylist, Amanda Ross to work with them on their looks with 2 days and $1000 to shop. Nina is doing day wear, happy hour and evening.  She says it is going to be grownup bohemian tomboy. #Goggles is going for casual, workday-evening and elegant evening. Brian is doing a swimwear, casual and evening look and says living in Miami gives him a color edge.

Nina says that $1000 is a lot for her (#youngdesigners) and is letting Kelly handling the the bags with a boho and clutch on the to make list.  James is matching pumps and clutch out of snake skin.  Brian found big colors for his bracelets. #Goggles and Diego disagree on colors for bags since Diego believes in color and Rich wants black. Hm.... Brian is making a beach bag for his day look. James is doing pumps for evening out of snakeskin for evening. #Goggles is making a pendulum necklace.  You can see the stress building with the partners they have brought on with the expectation that their canned colleagues could pull miracles out their brother machine.  Brian is making a resin necklace for a change. #Goggles said he is running without a plan and that his line doesn't look finished. Nina is doing a cuff, statement necklace and a stone bezzeled ring. #Goggles and Diego are butting heads since their aesthetics are completely different and Brian comments that he wouldn't have ever picked Diego for that reason.  

Eva reviews Nina's look and says that currently there isn't much differentiation between her looks. Eva is wincing looking at Brian's work and says he is not being strategic and all over the place which he might actually finally listen to.  Eva says to #Goggles to find his voice and then he says to Diego that he needs to make changes to fix his bags to make it more his voice.  Kelly is working her butt off to make sure Nina is happy which is the opposite of what is happening with #Goggles and Diego.  James messed up the sizing of the shoes for the models and Brian is angry. Diego gives up on #Goggles and won't even help him style the models. Kelly is finishing the bags but it seems none of them will actually not be done but did at the last second. Diego helps Kelly finish the bags which infuriates #Goggles.

At the final runway, Molly says that the runner up will get a trip to Paris which is quite amazing. Lorraine Schwartz is the judge for the final episode. #Goggles first look is quite boring to say the least.  His second and I am not sure it makes enough of a statement.  His third look much more him but sadly I think it is just too soft for someone like him.  Nina's first look is very Nina.  The second look is amazing with a great tooled handbag and cocktail ring.  Her third look with 2 metal cuffs and a statement necklace. To me, it is a home run and oddly, very commercial but Nina is her own target audience which she has been consistently designing for.  Brian's swim wear look with a brass cuff and a beach tote is chic.  His daylook  to me is a bit on the cheesy side specially the fringe bracelet. His third did not blow me away either. James might make shoes but his taste is still not there. (My opinions - not the judges, yet.)

Nina's look and the judges say she has grown.  Ariel likes her but says her necklace isn't enough.  Kenneth says her look is consistent.  Molly loves her shoes.  There are barely any negative comments.Lorraine loves her 2 cuffs and said that her look was great. Ariel said that her innovation was lost.   

Lorraine loves #Goggles bronze cuff.  Molly loves his pendulum necklace.  Ariel loves his bronze clutch too. Kenneth said that in creating his commercial look that his voice was lost.  He also said that he elevated his level of danger with elegance.  (I totally agree - that bronze clutch was beyond and the fusion of Diego & Rich really worked for that piece.)

For Brian, Ariel likes his bangles and says his necklace is hatching. Kenneth said his mismatched earrings don't work. Molly loves everything.  Ariel worries that he doesn't have the balance between costumey and taste.  Oddly enough, Ariel loved his fringe bracelet (I am shocked we disagree!?!) They all do agree that Brian has a strong voice and he can execute his pieces well. 

That's it for me.  You can find me at the 2012 Independent Handbag Designer Awards or get my book, Handbag Designer 101. As for our 3 finalists, it is in the hands of the gods and by the time you read this, the best bag, shoe and necklace will be left standing on the Runway.

Emily Blumenthal