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Emily Blumenthal: Episode 7 Review

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 5:01am GMT

Dear Project Accessory Readers,

We are now hitting Episode 7, the last episode before the finale, so the stakes are at an all-time high. So now for the zinge: Two designers will be going home. The designers will be creating accessories for the red carpet with Elie Tahari evening gowns as their inspiration. This challenge is all about creating statement pieces and not playing it safe.

Brian selects the black dress and then comments again that he isn't there to make friends, so he picks someone who is not competitive, like Nina, to choose the next dress. Nina has her eye on a gorgeous one-shoulder gray gown and chooses it. Christina picks an embellished lace dress. Rich picks a maroon dress and Diego is left with a white gown and is very happy about it.

Eva takes the designers on a field trip to Evolution in Soho, which is filled with fossils, butterflies, skulls, beetles and other creepy pieces. They meet with Bill Stevens, founder and curator for Evolution. The designers get to select one insect to inspire three accessories and one of the pieces must incorporate that actual insect. #Goggles is in heaven and thinks he can bring it on and picks Hercules Beetle the from Central America. Brian picks the glide beetle because of the pattern and wings. Christina picks a leaf bug because it matches her dress. Nina picks a spider and thinks she can do something web related. Christina mocks Diego for selecting a butterfly for being too contrived.

Nina is doing a web necklace and cuff and she is taking advantage of the wire. Brian is making a necklace with the glide beetle. Christina said she wants to do something clean that won't compete with the dress. Diego is making a clutch, bracelet and earrings. Rich is making a bug ring and taking it apart, which is blowing the rest of the designers' minds. #Goggles is getting cocky, which is exciting to see what he will bring to the table. Christina is doing an antique hair comb which will feature her bug and is also creating a cuff, ring and a Lucite minaudiere which she said represents her as a designer.

When Eva comes in she is immediately impressed with what #Goggles is doing. He is planning on making a pave background with his bug, amongst several other pieces. When she reaches Brian, the ego serum comes out. He said that he is going to do a beetle necklace as the centerpiece on an embossed croco leather which Eva commented is overwhelming and just too much. Brian said that, more or less, Eva doesn't know what she is talking about. And then he says that he is going to make one earring. (WHO DOES THAT!?) Eva encourages Diego to really push it, since it seems that he is playing it safe, but lately I am getting concerned that for all of that talent, is Diego just a bagman?

Brian makes a necklace, and then, of course, pours resin over it, and thinks he may have messed everything up. Brian's necklace at this point now looks like accidentally dumped Elmer's Glue all over it. Diego makes a headpiece that he just shouldn't have out of leather with the butterfly thrown on top. Christina says her oblong minaudiere is her wildcard and left it for the last minute, which came back to bite her in the butt since the blade broke, so now she has to make something else. She manages though to create a quick pair of earrings at the last minute. Pretty, but not mind-blowing.

This week's judges are Ariel, Molly, Kenneth, and then Rachel Roy and Brian Atwood. Brian's look looks like glue vomit on a bug and his model's hair looks like my 4-year-old did it. Diego's look was definitely safe (that headpiece must be confiscated). Nina's model looked AMAZING. The shoulder chain and bug cuff were unique and creative. When I have spoken about Christina not showing her voice, this is what I am referring to. Look at what Nina has done: pushing herself and that pieces she has created. That is showing a voice. Rich's look: he found himself. By golly, #Goggles got his groove back by a beetle. He made a brooch, earrings and cuff. Christiana's look was safe too. It definitely underwhelmed, even if it was pretty.

Brian went on and on about the death of a beetle through freezing. Ariel said that his model looks contrived. Molly said the looked like she was in Hurricane Irene. Rachel Roy loved the necklace and cuff. #Goggles look killed. Where has he been all season? Brian (Atwood, not the other designer) said his execution was amazing. Kenneth Cole said the pieces were too close together, but were great in look. The judges liked Nina's look and said that was all about new shapes and looks. Ariel said that Christina's antique comb looked like a bug on a barrette (which it totally did.) Brian liked her jewelry. The judges felt that she got lost. With Diego's look, Ariel said he wanted to ignore the headpiece. Molly loved the earrings and bracelet. His proportion for his clutch was too small and looked like a daybag.

So now what? We are almost done before the clock strikes, and I turn back into a handbag.

Stay tuned.

Emily Blumenthal