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Emily Blumenthal: Episode 5 Review

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 2:01am GMT

Dear "Project Accessory" Viewers,

Boy, have we missed each other!? Last time we saw each other, Diego won and James was out. Both correct choices. I have been reading your comments, and I think you should all be patient and see how the rest of the episodes pan out, since it all is starting to fall into place now with just seven people left.

This week's challenge is accessorizing a swimwear look. The designers have to pick their models and create sandals, headwear and an accessory of their choice. Rich is the last to choose, based on scores, so he is left with the model with the coral pink suit and is now complaining that is not his look. The designers are then transported in a minivan to Coney Island. The designers have to source their materials from the beach and from the stores on the boardwalk, where the designers can reuse or repurpose an item that they find or can buy with $100.

Christina finds a beach toy, sand glass and shells. Brian goes to a store and gets a straw mat, beach ball and some other tchotchkes. Nina went to the stores as well and got some jewelry that she can take apart. Diego gets a beach mat and finds a piece of driftwood. Shea is all over the place, so that is no surprise. Adrian looks a bit confused as well. Once they get back to the workroom, there is a Swarovski Elements wall for the designers to use.

Shea says she would never design jewelry from seashells or "crap" from a store. Someone else's trash is clearly someone else's treasure. Brian's concept is primitive tribal from an alien race (didn't he do something like that already?). He is using tinfoil and resin, so he knows what he is doing, but the theme is too much. Adrian is doing Old Hollywood and redoing the hat that he found. This is his time to shine. It is criminal that he is using a store-bought hat when that is his specialty; Christina concurs. Nina is using wire again, but she can make something good, since we have seen her wire jewelry work. Rich is complaining about embellishments and is out of his element and is freaking out, which is just boring already. You can't say you don't give a bleep about it when you are on national television and won a slot that people would kill for.

Christina is making a necklace with huge shells and a child toys. Diego is making a necklace, clutch and two other pieces. Nina's look is coming together, which is exciting to see. You can already see that the top three are on their way. Brian is using the interior of kites.

By the time Eva gets to Shea, you see that she is just all over the place, which is consistent, especially since she has been in the bottom three the past two weeks. Adrian's hat looks depressing with an extra tier and a shell, since he is using someone else's hat, and Eva calls him a copout. #Agree Rich is moaning that he is not a sandal person and saying his personality is not inspired by the beach. Eva is calling him out on not being who he is, and that is Rich, who will now be known as blowtorch #goggles to me. How can Adrian complain that it is "just a beach hat"? I am not buying from you with that comment. Shea is drilling holes in a shell and spray-painting. That is no strategy and that is just not sellable. Just quietly, I can make that necklace, and you don't want me doing that.

Brian is making a necklace, sandals and two bangles, and decided his headpiece is a bad Philip Treacy hat on crickity crack. Adrian, on the other hand, decided that a band was missing from his hat. #Seriously If you give up, then I, the viewer, will give up on you. Then of course, Shea hurts herself and is bleeding everywhere. Rich was funny and said that maybe it is her process, and I think he might be right. Rich decides to use a bird skeleton instead, which should be interesting.

When the models come in, you can see that Rich decides that he doesn't want to make a hat and uses a scarf instead. Is it me, or is everyone on the show not following instructions?!

So now we have the creative director and president of J. Crew, Jenna Lyons; and Rachel Roy (swoon - #designercrush), filling in for Kenneth Cole. Nina's look down the runway looks very chic Miami, which is good for her. Brian's look is questionable. The sticks look like Pebbles, and the bracelets look cheap. Rich pulled it out to bring a cohesive look, but will it be enough? Shea's girl looks like she came straight from the five-and-dime shop, and not in a good way. And hello? That shell-sash-thing is NOT flattering – she looks wider because of it! Diego's look is redonk! The clutch, which of course should be amazing, is. His hat has an unexpected pin, and his necklace and piece on his clutch have a similar spray shell theme. Christina has a statement-piece necklace, which I am not sure about, and is wearing a do-rag/bandana. As we said, she has the skills to do things that are sellable, but I am not sure if I am entirely convinced yet of the wow factor. It might be good from afar, but up close, it is a big Monet to me. (Apologies for the "Clueless" reference …) Adrian's star decoration is cheesy; the sandals and bracelet were cohesive but cheesy. And then there is Shea ...

Shea, Rich and Adrian are in the bottom three, but the judges decide to go to the top three first.

Christina is first. Rachel says that she loves the Bain de Soleil look and made it into something cool. Molly loves the necklace, and Jenna likes the subtlety of the sandals. Ariel says that the model is impeccable but doesn't know her vision yet – and clearly, I think so too. Do you agree?

Molly loves Brian's bangles, and Jenna likes the proportions of the necklace but says the sticks in the hair were too Bamm-Bamm for her. Ariel says he likes the shoe but not the decoration on top (once again we agree ...).

Nina's Miami Girl is fierce. Rachel loves her ring and necklaces. Jenna loves the shoes. Molly questions Nina's range. But they think she needs some edge.

Molly loves Diego's overall look and the clutch, and Ariel says his shell in the hat was a copout. Jenna loves his attention to detail.

Bottom three – here we go ...

Adrian: You can see Rachel sighing to herself. Ariel says his look isn't contemporary. Rachel says he should take a moment and learn to edit. There isn't any more to add, since he did it already with the overdone look he created.

Shea: Breathe before you read. Did you see the hat and the goiter hair growing underneath it? (That is my comment, not the judges'.) Rachel looks perplexed just listening to her. Ariel says the hat is unflattering and is giving her hype in the wrong places. Molly says she could never wear that belly chain. Rachel keeps it real and says that she will be ridiculed wherever she goes. Rachel says that the best thing about her is what she chooses for herself.

Rich says as soon as he saw the suit, he wanted to cover it. Ariel likes his sandals but was lost at the copout headscarf. Jenna loves the bracelet and ring. Rachel loves the bird skull on the sarong, which might be his saving grace. He keeps giving up and is unacceptable for a designer or for someone running his own business (again, my comment, not the judges').

That's all for now. We will be down to six and with no immunity this week – it could be anyone's game. Let me know what you think, because I am reading and definitely watching.

Until next week –

Emily Blumenthal