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Laura Bennett DIY: Episode 2 – James' Swarovski-Inspired Shoes

Posted By CaitlinBergmann 4:04pm GMT

Oh, please. This one is so easy you can do it with your eyes closed. I am not crazy about this design (the color palette is way too eighties for me) but I love the idea that you can use these techniques to take a plain pair of shoes and make them your own. I used a pair of Christian Siriano for Payless pumps (on sale for $11!), but you can start with any pair you like.

Laura Bennett DIY shoes

Print out pattern pieces
Pair of plain peep toe pumps
Leather, suede, or fabric scraps
A variety of flat back rhinestones (www.m&jtrimmings.com) 3M 365 Adhesive Transfer Tape (Note: industrial strength double stick tape) (www.drillspot.com)
Masking tape
Clear glue (I used Beacon 527 Multi Use glue)


Sewing machine
Size 14 or 16 leather sewing machine needles

1. Make a pattern to cover your shoe's heel, by covering the heel with overlapping pieces of masking tape. Trace the edges of the heel with a pen, Peel off the tape and trim along the pen lines. Use this pattern to trace and cut out a contrasting color of leather, suede or fabric.

2. To adhere the new heel color, cover the wrong side of the cut piece with adhesive transfer tape. Burnish and peel the paper backing. Carefully apply it to the heel of your shoe.

3. Using the pattern pieces provided, cut out two of each piece in your desired material (a single layer of the small triangular piece is sufficient). Using the adhesive transfer tape, adhere the matching pieces together. Topstitch 1/8" from the edge around each shape.

4. Mark the portions of the shapes that make contact with the shoe, apply the adhesive transfer tape to those areas, and apply the shapes to the shoe.

5. Apply the flat back rhinestones as desired using clear drying glue.

For some of my own great DIY accessory projects (including embellished shoes) , check out my new book, "Handmade Chic: Fashionable Projects That Look High-End, Not Homespun."

- Laura