Nicole N.

The Doggy Mom

Currently residing in Birmingham, Alabama, Nicole N. is the mother to her Shih-Tzu, Sommer. They can be found almost always by each other's side with Sommer either traveling in her couture dog carrier or in her hot pink stroller. Nicole N. loves pampering her princess, with visits to the spa, hot oil treatments and a dressing her in the latest doggy clothes and accessories. She says that Sommer's loyalty and companionship has given her a different perspective on life, love, friendship, and motherhood. Nicole exclaims, "You know what they say, 'Love is a four-legged word.'"


Nicole N. in Her Own Words:

What does it mean to be a "Wicked Mom"?
People often interoperate wicked as a bad thing, but to me a "Wicked Mom" is the "Cool Mom" that all the kids like to hang around because she is fun, but she does have boundaries. She gives her kids room to move, but knows when and how to keep them in-line!


How has being a mother changed your life?
Dogs do and will change your life. Sommer’s loyalty and companionship has given me a different perspective on life, love, friendship and motherhood.


What makes you different than all the other moms?
I can put a leash on my child, and it is LEGAL!


What is the most lavish thing you've done for your child?
I must say Sommer lives a lavish life, and I love pampering her! She enjoys the luxury of frequent spa days at Fancy Fur with conditioning hot oil treatments, and she loves having her hair flat ironed. From being toted her in her couture dog carrier and pushed in her hot pink stroller to her Swarovski Crystal dog bowls, leashes and collars and the latest doggies fashions, Sommer is a high-maintenance pooch that is "queen of our house." But Sommer’s most lavish accessory is her diamond dog bone necklace. (Even though with all her fur you can’t really see when she wears it!)


What do you do for fun?
I love spending time and playing with my nieces and nephews—nothing is more fun or brings out your inner child more than jumping on the trampoline, playing dress up, building a fort and the view from a swing!