The Divorcee

Recently divorced, Marci is raising her three kids, Dylan, Andrew and Jordan while running her sunglasses company, Everything Sunny, USA. She makes it a point to cook every night for her kids and sit down together for dinner. She has said that motherhood doesn’t come with a handbook and that every mother only wants the best for their children. Marci tells her children she loves them every day and gives them hugs and kisses because she knows as her kids get older, there may come a time when it may not be "cool" to give your mom kisses in front of their friends.


Marci in Her Own Words:

What does it mean to be a "Wicked Mom"?
It means being the best I can be for my kids and for me. I give it my all.


How has being a mother changed your life?
Being a mother has made me a better person. I went from being self-absorbed and selfish to selfless and completely consumed with raising healthy, well-adjusted children. I never knew this depth of love.


What makes you different than all the other moms?
Becoming a mom doesn't come with a handbook, and I think every mother only wants to do the best for their child/children. I think we all strive for that. Not a day goes by that I don't tell my kids that I love them.


What is the most lavish thing you've done for your child?


What do you do for fun?
I love to travel. I love the beach. I like to swim in the ocean. I love to exercise and I like good wine and good food.