The Queen Bee

Originally from Mississippi and having moved recently to Atlanta with her husband Pete and their daughter Amzie, Emily can be found juggling motherhood and managing her fashion boutique, Swank, round the clock. Her love of fashion and her ambition to succeed began at a young age, first completing an internship with Donna Karan in New York City and then working at Saks Incorporated's Parisian division as an assistant buyer. Although Swank was her first love, nothing could prepare her for motherhood and the love for her daughter. She realized very quickly that life wasn't about her anymore and being a mom has forced her to focus on someone else's future, other than her own.


Emily in Her Own Words:

What does it mean to be a "Wicked Mom"?
A bad-ass mom who is successful, who can multi task, who can juggle family, work and friends, and also handle all of life's curve balls—while standing tall in 5-inch designer heels.


How has being a mother changed your life?
I realized very quickly that life wasn't about "just me" anymore. It is now about Amzie and her every need. Motherhood has forced me to focus on someone else's future, other than my own. My life revolves around her!! She has enabled me to learn even more strengths I have, while dealing with fears I never knew existed. It has grounded me and made me a better person and business woman. Every single day I look at that precious face of hers, and I am reminded what a gift Amzie is to me and how life without her would be unimaginable.


What makes you different than all the other moms?
I don't try to mold Amzie into anyone she is not! I give her the freedom to discover her own individuality. I am not a mom who follows what other moms are doing, nor do I try to be a "by the book" mom. I just try to be the best mom I can be. Being a leader is who I am and have always been; therefore, I don't try to compete with the status quo and never will.


What is the most lavish thing you've done for your child?
Honestly, everything I do for Amzie could be considered lavish. I enjoy making her birthday parties and all holidays over-the-top for my little princess! There is nothing better than seeing her precious face light up. I have always been a believer in "Go Big or Go Home." All parents should want the best of the best for their children; however, I make sure to teach Amzie to be thankful for these blessings.


What do you do for fun?
I love to travel, especially to exotic locales….it is my ultimate favorite thing in the world. It makes it even more fun when you travel with family and best friends. I don't have time for hobbies; however, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy what I do for a living so much, that it is considered a hobby to me! Guiltiest pleasure? Laying in bed ALL DAY and "fatting out" on pizza, candy and all things sweet, while watching movies back to back.